The long way of Sant'Angelo Castle | Замъкът Сант Анджело в Рим

Sant'Angelo Castle has a long history. It was first built as a mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian and his family. Later modified into a military fortress, the building was a centre of political interests for many years. 

Историята на замъка Сант Анджело започва отдалеч. Първоначално е замислен като гробница за Император Адриан и семейството му. По-късно е превърнат във военна крепост, а политическият интерес към постройката винаги е бил голям.

In the beginning of 14th century, it was converted into a castle by the popes. Situated near Saint Peter's Basilica, both were connected by a tunnel. It was also used by the Vatican as a prison for several years, including executions.

В началото на 14в. папите превръщат постройката в замък. Разположен в близост до базиликата Св. Петър, двата обекта са били свързани с коридор.  Ватикана ползва замъка като затвор за няколко години, в който са се изпълнявали смъртни присъди. 

In front of the castle, there is a pedestrian bridge - Ponte Saint'Angelo. Designed by Bernini, the bridge was a place where the bodies of the executed were exposed.

Пред замъка се намира мостът Сант Анджело. Проектиран от Бернини, мостът е бил място, на което са се показвали телата на екзекутираните.

The name comes from the legend that in 590, during the plague, Pope Gregory I saw Archangel Michael at the top of the castle, putting down his sword as a sign of the end of the plague.

Според легендата по време на чумата през 590г. папа Григорий I вижда на върха на замъка Архангел Михаил да прибира меча си в знак на край на бедствието.

Today the castle is a museum, one of the top sights in Rome. 

Днес замъкът е отворен за посещение музей, една от най-големите забелжителности в Рим. 

The long way of Sant'Angelo Castle | Замъкът Сант Анджело в Рим The long way of Sant'Angelo Castle | Замъкът Сант Анджело в Рим Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 4/08/2016 Rating: 5


  1. When I thought that I had been to most of Rome's highlights... I didn't visit this castle! The views look great, so definitely worth stopping by the next time I'm in Rome.

  2. Hello Sany! Yes, I have and Im glad u got the chance to visit it. Its truly breathtaking and a symbol of Rome. Your pics are wonderful and u look so lovely as ever! Happy weekend Sany, many kisses! xo

  3. You've certainly given me places to mark down when visiting Rome in the future. It's also interesting about the history of the castle. Have a great weekend Sany. Thanks for sharing your ventures. <3
    Pistachio Cake

  4. No I've never visited Sant'Angelo Castle but I totally want to after your impressive introduction. There is just so much impressive history and architecture in Rome. Happy weekend Sany!

  5. It felt. I learned something new. Thank you. Have a nice weekend.

  6. Whenever I come across a building such as this, so rich in history and have gone through so many era, I wish the walls could speak. Can you imagine all the things they have witness?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. Fantastic post and photos!
    Thank you for taking us with you and discover these wonderful places!
    Wish you a great weekend!

  8. What a breathtaking place, wish i can been there once <3


  9. Great information and beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I saw it but I didn't enter and I don't remember why :p I'll definitely see it the next time I'm in Rome. The views are incredible and the photo of the bridge with all the people is my favorite. The history of that place is impressive as well. Probably every single stone in Rome has a rich history behind it ;)

  11. Wow, this castle has really great history, I had no idea that it was used by Vatican as a prison! I didn't seesight this place, when I was in Rome, but next time, I'll remember about it, because the views to Rome and Vatican from this place are breathtaking :) Have a great afternoon, my friend!

  12. Много красиво място, а гледките са невероятни!

  13. Beautiful Rome! These city view are spectacular. I can only imagine what it's like to see it with your own eyes. I really want to visit Italy someday.

    Veseli Praznici Sany!


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