По улиците на Рим

Измина вече 1 седмица, откакто се върнах от Рим. Беше изключително приятно да се разхождам по криволичещите павирани улички, да хапвам джелато на слънце, да ме впечатляват малките неща, например саксия с мини портокалово дръвче на нечии перваз, и такива работи. Разходките ни включваха посещение на площад Навона, Пантеона - първоначално езически храм, превърнат по-късно в християнска църква, фонтана Ди Треви, който за жалост 24/7 беше пренаселен, а накрая винаги завършвахме около Колизеума. За обиколките на музеите си взехме Roma Pass - карта, която ни осигури безплатно посещение на 2 музея, както и вход за метро, трамвай и автобус за 36 часа. В Рим пробвах 3 бири - Moretti, Peroni и Nastro Azzurro и всичките бяха добри. Когато трябваше да се чака дълго на опашка за някоя забележителност, използвах момента да прочета за нея в Rome Maps and Walks. Апликацията ми беше адски полезна в такива моменти.

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Ех, Рим!

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  1. Wonderful photos, and it's nice to hear that Rome Maps & Walks helped a lot. P.S. Can't wait to see what you bought. Thanks for your visit. Have a lovely week./Madison x
    Spring Sportswear

  2. Анонимен4/4/16

    The ice cream is to die for! Great to see these sunny photos including the blossoms. Hoping to see sunnier days over here as well.

  3. Hello Sany! You really had an amazing time in Rome and your photos perfectly shows it, how gorgeous! Im glad you found such a stunning weather, actually made me want to visit the city soon. You look very lovely and happy, like a kid!:) Next time, in Cagliari and I will make u taste Ichnusa, our Sardinian beer!:P Happy Monday Sany! xo

  4. I visited Rome a few years back, and it was such a lovely experience! Your photos are absolutely stunning, and they make me want to pack my suitcase and go back :)

  5. Анонимен4/4/16

    Rome is unforgettable. Nice week to you.

  6. Lovely photos Sany! Thank you for sharing your Rome experience with us. I can definitely tell from your posts how much you enjoyed your visit. I really hope to vacation there one day.

  7. Your photography is perfection, it's like we are there with you enjoying Rome. Gelato, OMG, how much I've missed it! I used to have it all the time back in Malaysia but it's harder to find where I live.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. Oh wow! Rome is just beautiful and so rich in architectural beauty and history. I would love to visit one day (hopefully soon, it's been on my bucketlist for years!) BTW was that ice cream originally shaped in a rose? I can't remember if it's Rome or Milan that are known for it or something like that.


  9. I don't want to repeat myself, but you took some gorgeous photos! :) I like how you described the little details. I wish I could appear there right now and enjoy all those places. Rome is really something special :) Oh, and yes, the fountain! It's a pity that it's so crowded but it's so, so beautiful!
    Hope you're having a great week so far :)

  10. Hello Sany! Honestly, I adore your photos, you have great eye for details, dear and while watching them, I totally feel the atmosphere of Eternal City. What's more, I've had no idea about this this Rome pass card, good to know about it. And I exactly know this situation with di Trevi fountain - it's overcrowded by so many people, anyway I hope that you threw to it a coin, I heard that will make that you'll come back to Rome soon ;)