National Garden of Athens

The National Garden of Athens is a public park in the centre of the city.  The main entrance is marked by 12 palm trees that were planted upon the order of the Greek princes Amalie Marie Friederike (1836 – 1862). She was famous for her beauty in Greece and a fashion example for the Greek women. That’s why the street in front is called after her – Queen Amalia Avenue. Located right behind the Hellenic Parliament, the garden is spread to the Zappeion. 

Националната градина на Атина е парк, разположен в центъра на града. Главният вход е отбелязан от 12 палмови дръвчета, достигащи до височина няколко метра. Те са засадени по поръчка на кралицата на Гърция Амалия Мария Фридерика (1836 – 1862). Известна още като „красивата Амалия“, кралицата била пример за подражание на гъркините, които живеели в още турски територии. Градината се разпростира от парламента до Запейона, а булевардът, който минава отпред, е кръстен на кралицата. 

The National garden, formerly known as the Royal Garden, was completed by 1840. Only the royal family was able to walk there. It was a project of the German agronomist, Friedrich Schmidt. Upon the request of Queen Amalia, he imported over 500 species of plants. Some of them didn’t survive the Mediterranean climate.  

Националната градина, по-известна като кралската градина, е завършена през 1840 г. Дълго време е достъпна само за кралското семейство. Проектът е реализиран от немския агроном Фридрих Шмидт. По поръчка на кралица Амалия, той внася над 500 вида растения. Някои от тях не оцеляват на средиземноморския климат. 

Eucalyptus trees, bushes, oleanders and carob trees, Australian pines, Chinese-trees-of-heaven, palm and orange trees are just part of the green environment. There are also six lakes with ducks, conservatory, children’s library and a café. 

Част от зелената градина са евкалиптови дървета, храсти, олеандър, рожков, австралийски бор, китайски ясен, палмови и портокалови дръвчета. В градината се намират 6 езерца с патици, консерватория, детска читалня и кафене. 

The park was open to the public in 1975. Today it is accessible to visitors all day long and is free of cost. Opening hours – 6 AM – 9:30 PM.  The lush greenery, colourful flowers and several species of birds make it an art oasis in the heart of the city.

Паркът е отворен за посещение през 1975 г. В днешни дни е достъпен през целия ден и входът е безплатен. Часовете, в които може да се посети, са от 6 до 21 ч. Богатата зеленина, ухаещите цветя и различните видове птици правят градината истински оазис в сърцето на града. 

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  1. Happy Monday to you Sany! Its a wonderful monday and the palm trees there are outstanding! You look so happy and lovely, made me smile too! Have a great week! xo

  2. Oh, the place looks marvelous. No wonder why it's called National Garden. It's truly beautiful! I see an orange tree there, I was always dreaming to have such orange trees where I live, but the climatic conditions in Russia are not suitable for that. In Turkey I see a lot of citrus trees, though:) They are so gratifying to the eye!

  3. Wow, these palm trees look exacly like they're the most beautiful palm trees ever :) And what a great photos, I see on the trees oranges somewhere, I think that such a fruits taste the best too :) And you look so cheerful here, I bet that you're spending amazing time in Greece now :) Take care, dear Sany :)

  4. This place seems beautiful!!!
    I went to Athens many times but I've never visited the national garden.. Great photos!

  5. I have been obsessed with palm trees since I was a little girl.I always end up taking many photos of them. These are so beautiful! <3 Wishing you a lovely week. xx
    Spring Favourites

  6. Lovely picture... i was in there (near Zappeion hall) for coffee the other day :)

  7. I've been totally loving your holiday posts Stanislava! This garden looks really beautiful! Somehow the sight of palm tress always makes me think of summer and tropical climates which I could use a dose of today as it's cold and rainy again in NYC. Have a wonderful week lovely!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. beautiful trees!! :D

    Have a great week!
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  9. I really like these palms. Successful week.

  10. Много красиво <3 Как искам и тук да е топло. Изглеждаш страхотно, Сани!
    Хубав ден!

  11. Каква хубост, и палмите и ти! Страхотни снимки, Сани...

  12. nice post as always :)

  13. Wow, stunning photos! Could use some of that sunshine here in Toronto today :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  14. Beautiful pictures- I looooove palm trees! X

  15. those palm trees are majestic!

  16. I love palm trees! Wish I could be in Athens right now as I need to feel warmer temperatures...


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