Плажът Малинди на полуостров Пелопонес

Мисълта за пътуване до Пелопонес ме развълнува и си признавам, че нямах търпение да видя повече от това непознато за мен кътче в Гърция. Отделен от централната ѝ част чрез Коринтския канал, пейзажът на полуострова е смесица от зелени планини, портокалови дръвчета и плантации с маслини. След като пристигнахме в курортното градче Порто Хели, се отправихме към плаж Малинди. Залив с невероятна гледка и кристално чиста вода бяха нещата, които ни посрещнаха. Морето беше леко хладно все още, но синият цвят на водата беше толкова примамлив, че трудно можеше да ѝ се устои. Няма да е изненада, ако кажа, че мога да изкарам доста дълго време там, съзерцавайки красотата на това място. А черешката на тортата беше красивият залез, на който станахме свидетели.

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Какво мислиш за мястото?

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  1. Hello Sany! I think its a pure marvel and I wish I was there right now! The sunset is dreamy, must have been amazing watching it from real. You look so adorable and happy, loving the pic of u in the sea. Enjoy your weekend Sany, many kisses! xo

  2. What a beautiful rural place. I'm loving the photos, especially the sunset... Just dreamy! :)

  3. Gosh Malindi beach is totally stunning! It's no wonder you said that one day there isn't enough, It's a shame the sea was a tad chilly but the water does look magnificent. And your sunset captures are gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing with us Sany! Happy weekend!

  4. Wow, looks absolutely stunning! What beautiful pictures?!


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

  5. Анонимен4/6/16

    It looks great! It seems like you were the only one there. It's nice to go to beaches which are not overcrowded. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! Have a nice weekend.

  6. Helllo Staislavia,
    A wonderful pradise..
    really lovely and what I really like is that it is a beautiful and peaceful place.
    I wish a great weekend!

  7. what a magical place! Greece is really a beautiful country...at least as from what I've seen from TV and photographs, I've never actually been there myself but I hope some day I will.

    This beach is so gorgeous...and the sunset is simply breath-taking!!!!

  8. This place is beautiful!
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  9. Oh wow, I can easily understand why you are want to spend more time there, I wouldn't want to leave myself. It's such a beautiful place and the water looks so inviting.

    Wishing you a great weekend, Sany! xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  10. them picture look so relaxing great post <3 I have shared :)



  11. You've captured the light beautifully in these shots, Malindi beach looks absolutely idyllic

  12. I think this place looks utterly heavenly! I feel a little more relaxed after looking at your photos too, but I feel like being there in person would be infinitely better.


  13. What a lovely time you must have had there. I am with you, I don't think I could resist jumping into the water either -- it's breathtaking, and looks to be a marvellous beach area. Lovely photos as well, Sany! :) x/Madison
    Superfood Fix

  14. Hello my dear friend Sany! :) I totally agree with you - the sunset in beyond beautiful and looks like you had great time in Peloponesse peninsula, I totally understand why you would like to spend a lot of time there :) What's more, I love your photos, you captured each moment perfectly, my dear!


  15. Amazing place, I wish I could be there now :D

  16. So cool!

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  17. Have a great evening, my dear friend ;)

  18. Oh, I love your photos.
    I just came back from the beach and my skin's peeling off. :P

    Always a good time.

  19. Oh, I love it! It looks so peaceful and beautiful and somehow raw and intact or maybe it's just the atmosphere that you captured on the photos. The nature is just wonderful and all that Mediterranean/Greek vibe. Once again, I wish I could enter my laptop screen and just dive directly into the water :D

  20. WOW, this is so so beautiful!! Love all the photos!! :) x
    Helena - Swedish girl in Tokyo

  21. Мястото е повече от прекрасно и искрено ти благодаря, че ме заведе на разходка из него :)

  22. So wonderful, with wild feeling... I would love to visit that place!