Преображенският манастир

Преображенският манастир се намира на 7км северно от Велико Търново сред богата и красива природа. Основан по времето на Втората българска държава, главно се свързва с личността на втората съпруга на българския цар Иван-Александър - Сара и сина им цар Иван Шишман. Важен духовен център по това време, след падането на българите под турско робство, манастирът е опожаряван и плячкосван, а по-късно разрушен. Възстановен е отново през 19в. Украсен е със стенописи от Захарий Зограф.

В него се е укривал и самият Левски. По време на Руско-турската освободителна война манастирът е служел като болница. Една от зебелжителностите е "Колелото на живота" - изрисувана сцена, която описва цикъла на човешкото битие. От камбанарията, изградена от Кольо Фичето, се разкрива красива панорамна гледка към Преображенската света обител, както и към девическия манастир от другата страна на Дервентския пролом.

Манастирът е отворен за посещение, но настаняване не се предлага.


  1. I've read about some Bulgarian monasteries but I forgot which ones, so I'm not sure was this one of them. This monastery is beautiful! I would love to visit it. I love places that are rich in history. They always inspire me.

    Wonderful photos dear, you look very happy there by that bell!


  2. Hello Sany! Its truly a gorgeous place, so peaceful and impressive, must be so nice to visit, almost an experience. U took wonderful photos of it and u are also very pretty in the pic at the Bell Tower. Have a good evening Sany, many kisses! xo

  3. Both the monastery itself and the it's surroundings look very tranquil and beautiful. It seems monasteries are often situated in mountains but I guess it makes sense. Thank you for sharing your experience with us Sany! That pic of you is super sweet :)

  4. I would love to be given the opportunity to travel and visit the monastery, it's breathtaking how remote it is just by looking at the third picture from the top.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  5. Анонимен12/5/16

    I would have liked to see the Wheel of Life! It looks like a very interesting place to visit. I like the photo where you can see it from far.

  6. Hello stanislavia,
    Wow!it s a wonderful place.
    So peaceful, so beatiful, the mountains and the ladscape infront the monastery are just so..
    can t descrivbe, I love this place.
    And vwoud love to live there.
    Thanks for the great post!

  7. I love the floral displays, and the shot of you ringing the bell is great

  8. Анонимен12/5/16

    I have not visited. Very good presentation. Thanks .

  9. Hello Sany! This place looks magical and I totally agree with you that the view from the top of monastery is divine! What's more, I really like places with rich history and from what I've read so far, this place counts to such a spots too. Thank you, Sany for showing us your beautiful country, Bulgaria has a lot destinations worth to see on live! :) Hope you're having relaxing evening, dear!


  10. Your photos always give me the severest case of wanderlust! I've never been to Bulgaria, but now I really want to - it looks like there is so much beauty to discover in your country!

  11. I would definitely love to visit it. Actually, I don't know if there's a place that I don't want to visit :D All the architecture details are so special, the place itself looks so calming and charming and I love, love seeing all those flowers together :)

  12. Stunning, actually breathtaking pictures, Sanny!

    I never have thought how you're translate the name of this monastery in English, but the story behind it is very interesting.

  13. Wow, wow, wow - what an adventure!


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