Един ден в Солун

В събота посетих Солун с момичетата. Престоят ни беше доста кратък, само за няколко часа, но все пак успяхме да поразгледаме, да хапнем гирос и да тестваме фотографските си умения. Солун ме печели с архитектурата си, която се различава от тази в Атина съвсем малко. Не толкова малко са китните сладкарници, уличните кафенета, знаете, запазена марка на гърците, гироджийниците и рибните ресторантчета. Посетихме градската забележителност - Бялата кула, от върха на коята се вижда целият град.




  1. O wow! I have been there as a child and I didn´t remember it being so beautiful! Thank you very much for sharing some those beautiful moments with us! And those pastries: yummy! I really like the picture you took at the market!



  2. Анонимен25/11/15

    I have never been there but it's great to see the city through your photos. It looks like a very interesting place with lots of things to see. I particular love the pic of the rider statue!

  3. Such a beautiful place! I wish I could travel :)


  4. Greece is just wonderful! I am so envious! You looked like you had so much fun!

    -Seyra x

  5. Hi Sany! Of course, Id be so interested to visited it too, looks so beautiful and the architecture is really outstanding and impressive. Ur pics made me a pleasant virtual tour, wish I was there and eat those treats!:) You were so lovely as well. Many kisses to u too! xo

  6. Oh my god, you lucky girl! This city looks absolutely gorgeous. You have such a wonderful eye for photography -- really. All of these photos are gorgeous!

    A Northern Light

  7. Wow it looks like you got in quite a bit of fun and sightseeing even though you girls were just there for a few hours. The architecture is indeed spectacular. I'm totally interested in visiting Thessaloniki now. Greece has long been on my travel bucket list.

  8. Photos are incredible and Thessaloniki as well! I need to visit this place one day!

    Jasmina Di, x. | The Fashion Spell

  9. Страхотно място, обожавам го! Особено едната уличка пълна с магазини <3

  10. Really nice photos ♥


  11. I love your photos, Sany and the view from White Tower is breathtaking ;) What's more I see that Greece in general looks like great desitnation for this time of the year, because there aren't too many tourists like on the summer, so it's better time to seesighting ;) Btw, I'm glad that you spent amazing time in this city with your girls,dear friend :)


  12. What a lovely trip, seriously loving your photos and the food porn. Those pastries look delicious.


  13. Wow!fantastic pictures, thank you for sharing this wonderful trip..
    I just love to travell with you and discover new horizons.
    Wish you a fab weekend!

  14. А ама и ти много пътуваш! Много ми харесват снимките. Аз все още не съм била в Гърция, а много ми се иска да отида. Благодаря за виртуалното пътешествие :)

  15. Oh my, this place looks so beautiful! I've heard that there's honestly no place in Greece that doesn't have such beauty and rich history, as well as delicious food! Those desserts look so yummy and different compared to the ones that I generally see in Greek restaurants here in the states. Thanks so much for sharing, girlie, and I hope you have a lovely day!



  16. Scuh a beautiful pics and place!!! I wish I could visit it someday!


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