Да посрещнем заедно залеза

Преди 2 дни отидохме до Микролимано на Пирея да гледаме залеза.

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След това се отправихме към Монастираки. Можете да видите оживения площад и хълма на Акропола над него на снимката горе.

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  1. Wow, the sunset is breathtaking Sany, it makes me dream of summer nights, holidays and fun!:) The last pic in particular is breathtaking, love the contrast of the Acropolis and the square. You look beautiful too! Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend, kisses! xo

  2. It's really great to watch the sunset together, or even alone:) These photos are so beyond amazing, dear Stanislava! Well done:) This time of the day is simply the best, to my mind. Do you agree?

  3. That is always so beautiful to see Stanislava. You captured it beautifully. Drinks afterwards I bet was delightful.

  4. Thank for sharing this gorgeous sunset with us Stanislava! It almost looks like a beautiful painting in the latter photos and you make it feel like we could be there. We haven't had many sunsets in NYC lately because of all the rain. Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Mikrolimano and Pireaus in general is one of my fave places to hung around and watch the sunset :)

  6. Beautiful! I am so jealous of your view of the square... absolutely stunning!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  7. I just love watch the sunset !


  8. beautiful photos! makes me want to go and travel somewhere exotic


  9. Beautiful photos! This looks amazing. :-)
    April xx


  10. The time spent admiring the view of a sunset with a loved one is time well spent! :))
    Beautiful photos!!

  11. As usual, I've missed out on some post and I'm so gonna read them all now. Love your travel photos, Sany... and basically almost all your photos.

    The sunset is so beautiful and I'm glad you managed to catch so many awesome pictures of it! You know how difficult it is to snap that golden moment? Whenever I travel and see the beautiful sunset with the orange blob of sun, I would try as best as possible to snap it but everything would be gone in just a few minutes. I don't think I've mentioned this before but you look really tall. How tall are you?

    Hahaha... My hubz isn't sweet at all to buy Hello Kitty just so he could destroy it and ask me to take an after photo of it. The rain that day wasn't too bad as the next few days. It was really a rainy trip that we had to cut lots of places off our plans.

    Oooh!!! So excited to know about our similarities and the line "challenge accepted" is just too cute, Sany. No hurry, take your time though I know I would be waiting to read your answers!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. Hi Jo, thanks a lot for your comment. Actually I took around 400 photos and the hard part was after that, picking the best ones. About my height - yep, I am really tall ~1.80 cm. Thank you once again for tagging me in your last post! xo

    2. OMG! You're so tall! Taller than most guys in Singapore. The average height for guys in Sg is about 170-175. I'm 162 and I would look like a midget next to you!

  12. That's a really mesmerizing sight. Good for you to have watched a beauty like that.
    I like how comfy your outfit here too is.

  13. Sunset is really very beautiful. Congratulations.