Снимки от Парга, Гърция, 2014

В днешния петъчен пост реших да покажа някои непубликувани снимки от Гърция. Само две седмици са минали, а вече ми се струва толкова отдавна. Уви, есента наистина си дойде. Надяам се на циганско лято скоро. Дали идва? 

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  1. These photos look like paradise Stanislava! So warm and lovely! Sometimes I think it would be nice to move somewhere warm by the beach where it's summer all year round but then I wouldn't get to wear my coats which I also love. You're so lucky you're grandmother is a wonderful gardener! Her garden must be so beautiful during the warmer months. Happy weekend!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Dont make me speak!:P I wish the same too, even though Im excited for fall, Halloween and Xmas, summer is always the best season! And you made me travel with your trip in these last posts, your photos are beautiful as well as the place where you have been. Yummy food too!:) And you look adorable with the turquoise dress, I see you were very happy and relaxed!:) Have a lovely weekend Stanislava, many kisses! xo

  3. Thank you earning fun weekend. Ah, Parga, Parga.

  4. Greece is truly beautiful, I've been there myself once as well and the food, the people, the places were all great. These snapshots are no exception, glad to read that you had a good time there :)


  5. Can i have those sandwiches and fries? looks so tasty! beautiful and i love your dress.

  6. oh, each of those photographs is absolutely amazing, such a little piece of happy moments which you've had there:))) Glad for you!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Stanislava!

  7. There seem to be so many different sides of Greece. The white and blue side, the colourful old town side, and now I see from here, this place looks so quaint. Did you purposely paint your nails to match your dress and wore your dress to match your nails? That looks like lots of fries. Could I order a sandwich please? Hope you enjoy your weekend, Stanislava. We have a long weekend here due to Hari Raya and I'm spending the time to catch up on blog replies and visits.

    Thank you for your sweet comment. I hope there isn't even a tinge of pain soon coz I miss my heels so much. I love wearing pretty flat sandals and slippers but there aren't any suitable for office wear. Hence, the only way out are ballerina flats.
    PS: I did those gelish at the salon.

    Thank you for your sweet comment. Ah, that is such a relief. I usually type lots of nonsense when I'm half nodding off to sleep. My friends could attest to that from the messages I send to them whenever I was falling asleep. In reality, I would take photo of the menu so that I could get the names of the dishes correct and those little extra dishes are not on the menu and hence, I cannot remember their names.

  8. Wow these pictures are amazing, what a lovely location that is so full of character.

  9. Fabulous photos; your dress is just so cute! We've had our Indian summer in Luxembourg but I think that from today it's over :(

  10. How many pictures did you take in Greece??? every single post about Greece seems even better than the other! I love the details you captured like the one of the see under the umbrella! and the vespas! did you ride any around? By the way I love your baby blue dress! so cute and perfect for the beach :) I just came back from our little trip to North Carolina! It was fun but now I'm sad it is over and yeah as soon as we came back the weather cooled down and fall started! boo hoo! oh well hopefully it won't get below freezing anytime soon! I hope you had a lovely week darling!


    1. I took ~800 pictures for 5 days, crazy, huh? :D Thank you for your sweet words, Milu! xo

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  12. I didn't know this place, and I'm very thanful to discovered it with your blog, I like to see different places that the touristic and typical places that people choose to go on vacation ^^