Приятели, силно се надявам, че вече не сте се отегчили от постовете от Амстердам! Това е последният, обещавам!

На третия ден се отправихме най-напред към Музея на Амстердам. Тъй като времето беше идеално за разходка, тръгнахме пеша натам....

Ако искате да разберете повече за развитието на града през вековете, трябва да го посетите и Вие.

След това искахме да отидем в Музея на архитектурата, но не изглеждаше точно, както си го представяхме, затова не се заседяхме дълго...

Модерната част на града...

Само погледнете какво си взехме за обяд! Силно се радвам, че в София няма много бъргър места, защото няма да мога да им устоя!

Гледката е вдъхновяваща! В късния следобед посетихме FOAM (музей на фотографията). Вътре не се разрешаваха снимки, но беше доста интересно.

Амстердам вече е един от любимите ми градове! Наистина се надявам един ден да се върна отново! Има толкова много музеи за разглеждане, толкова много неща за правене и толкова много за пробване! Надявам се, че Ви беше интересно! Това определено беше един от най-добрите ми рождени дни! 

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  1. Im not bored at all, I kinda sad the tour is over since I was enjoying your photos a lot! You inspired to visit the city once I find a great bargain. You made me smile about the Museum of Architecture! The Foam sounds interesting instead. The photos are so breathtaking, I think it will become one of my fav city as well when I will visit it. Im glad you had a special bday time there. Wish you a marvelous weekend, kisses! xo

  2. Анонимен11/4/14

    Amsterdam!!! XXX

  3. love seeing these photos!! It's a place I definitely want to visit one day! I wasn't overwhelmed by your photos at all. =D

  4. It is such a gorgeous place! I love the buildings and that fountain with the buckets of water is just too cool. Yummy food and flowers! I'm so glad you shared this with us. FABULOUS!

  5. Wonderful pics and adorable post! I love Amsterdam!
    A big kiss my dear Stanislava!!!

  6. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.
    !! have u a good week end !
    ♥ ♥ ♥
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  7. You take such lovely photos! :)


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  8. I am definitely not bored with your Amsterdam photos! Love to see the beauty of the city! So many cool places to see there! The museum sounds amazing a great way to understand the city. Love your pictures and I sure hope to visit there one day too!


  9. Анонимен13/4/14

    You were so lucky with the good weather. Great to see that you enjoyed the museums and the food there. Nice photos!

  10. Wonderful pics and adorable post! I love Amsterdam!
    A big kiss my dear Stanislava!!!

  11. Awesome photos!! :)

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  12. The photos are so beautiful, you definitely bring out the beauty of the city :)


  13. You keep arousing my appetite with your tasty snapshots of delicious meals. Those french croissants with coffee look so appetizing!!! All the photographs are adorable, I'm really glad you had such a wonderful trip and share all your impressions about it with us, I feel like I was there too:) By the way, tulips are my favourite flowers and that pictures with lots of tulips is so beautiful:) Hope you still have something else to share:)
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  14. Your photos are all beautiful and capture the city so well. I have really enjoyed your Amsterdam posts as we are hoping to spend a weekend there in the future and you have introduced me to places that I would like to visit. The fountain with the buckets is so original and the flowers and architecture are wonderful.

  15. Lovely photos!! just seeing these pictures inspires me to plan a trip really soon