Paxos and Antipaxos islands


Cloudy and sunny. That was the weather forecast for the day we went to the islands of "Paxos" and "Antipaxos". Great, isn't it... Despite that fact, we took a boat trip and sailed away without any fear...

Облачно със слънце от време на време. Това беше прогнозата за деня, в който бяхме планирали да отидем до островите Паксос и Антипаксос. Страхотно, няма що... Въпреки това се качихме на лодката Марко Поло и потеглихме смело...

And it was really cloudy. The splashing waves made our boat trip funny and exciting. Luckily, the sun's rays shined through the clouds...

И наистина беше облачно. Морето се вълнуваше и не веднъж ни оплиска, докато стояхме на палубата и се взирахме в безкрайната синева. Изведнъж слънцето се показа сред облаците и заблестя над вълните...

The cloudy sky turned sunny when we reached the islands "Paxos" and "Antipaxos". Azure and warm waters welcomed us as we reached Antipaxos...

Наближавайки острова Антипаксос небето се изчистваше все повече и повече. Посрещнаха ни лазурните води на Йонийския остров...

I took the photo below and then had to swim to the beach (so I left my camera on the boat). Everyone was impatient to dive into the crystal clear water and to get to the shore. I am absolutely true to you: I have never seen such fine and soft sand before. Probably this is the most beautiful beach I have ever been to...

До плажа в далечината трябваше да доплуваме от мястото, на което беше заснет този кадър. Всеки бързаше да скочи в невероятно чистите води и и да стигне до брега. С ръка на сърцето Ви признавам, че досега не съм виждала толкова фин и мек пясък. Това може би е най-хубавият плаж, на който съм била...

After 40min we got back on the boat and continued our trip to Paxos...

След не повече от 40мин се върнахме на лодката и продължихме към Паксос...

On our way, we had to stop at the Blue Caves, but since the sea was nasty, we had to skip that. So we made a 3 hours break in the capital of the island....

По пътя трябваше да спрем на сините скали, но тъй като морето беше доста бурно, тази дестинация отпадна и спряхме в столицата на острова. Имахме 3 часа за хапване и разходка...

We were told to get back on the boat at 17 o'clock and we left back for Parga. On our way back we were chilling and listening to nice music under the sun, some of us even had a nap.

Към 17ч. се върнахме на лодката, която трябваше да отплава обратно към Парга. По пътя навръщане този път слънцето смело се показваше и някои от нас, уморени от разходката, дори заспаха.

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  1. Could you believe your words make me imagine all the scenes all the time?! How wonderful! Now, I want to see that beach, if you see its the best you ever seen and I can get why, from the photos looks dreamy! And I see also your fun during the boat trip, your smile says all and made me laugh too, looking utterly cute Stanislava! The capital is very enchanting, mmm frozen yogurt, is my obsession of the moment!:P Hugs and have a lovely Oct! xo

  2. Greece actually has beautiful beaches and I am glad that you were one of them .super

  3. I really really really wish I could be at the islands "Paxos" and "Antipaxos" right now! they are absolutely stunning! even in a cloudy day :) you said seven or you guys where at the boat, where they just friends or family members? either way, it sounds like such an adventure!!! the sea looks gorgeous and the capital of the island is also so cute!!! you always take pictures that capture the essence of the place you go visit! love the pictures of the delicious food, the flowers, the architecture and the frozen yogurt sign!!! you and your boyfriend are so cute :)


    1. I was there with my boyfriend and friends :) Thank you, Milu! xo

  4. beautiful!! i can't get over the color of that water!

  5. I have never seen a sea with such an amazing colour! Wow. What a great trip to make. Would love to do the same with my friends.

  6. Marvellous adventure Stanislava. These photos truly tell a story of how much you enjoyed yourself, it looks like such a beautiful place.
    Beauty Goodies, and Travelling Tips

  7. hi, dear! Hope you are doing fine. It's quite easy to see, you look extremely happy on those snapshots;) The place is amazingly fabulous and picturesque! Good to be there, such a wonderful trip turned out:) Besides, those snapshots are so lovely, I enjoyed each of them:)
    Have a fabulous time and take care;)

  8. hello love you have such a great blog! would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and facebook?

  9. Oh love the post! Very beautiful nature and I've caught two lovely outfits! I with I could relaxed there right now!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  10. It looks like you had quite an adventure in the Paxos and Antipaxos Islands. It's good that sky cleared up and you were able to enjoy such a lovely time.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  11. Such wonderful photographs! Glad you had such a wonderful time

  12. Your vacation pics are amazing, such gorgeous sites!! How's the weather now, is it still warm? We're having a heat wave here :)

    1. Thank you! The weather now is sunny but much cooler. Lucky you!

  13. how dreamy are those waters? absolutely breathtaking! you look great!


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