Amsterdam - day 2

We started the second day (my birthday actually) with a hangover and breakfast at Aran Irish Pub.

Втория ден (рождения ми ден) започнахме с махмурлук и закуска в Aran Irish Pub. 
Then we went to the Heinken Experience and spent about 3 hours there including the boat trip.

След това отидохме в музея на Heineken и прекарахме около 3 часа в разглеждане и с разходката с лодка след това.
After the Heineken Experience we went for a stroll in the city center... Did you know that The Netherlands is one of the most populated country in the world? Its population is almost 17milion people!

След музея на Heineken се разхождахме из центъра... Знаехте ли, че Холандия е една от най-гъсто населените държави в света? Населението й е близо 17 милиона души!
We had a great weather! On our way from the Eindhoven airport to Amsterdam the bus driver told us that we are lucky because usually at this time of the year the temperatures are -5. 

Времето беше чудесно! По пътя за Амстердам от Айндховен шофьорът на автобуса ни каза, че сме късметлии, тъй като по това време на годината температурите са -5.
Walking and walking... We got a little bit tired so we had to refresh.

Вървяхме и вървяхме... По едно време се изморихме, затова трябваше да презаредим. 
And we ended the day at the Barney's. A really nice and chill place. The food was delicious and they had my favourite beer - Leffe. 

И накрая завършихме вечерта в Barney's. Много приятно и спокойно местенце. Храната беше вкусна и имаха от любимата ми бира - Leffe. 
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  1. Reading your experience and seeing your photos, inspired me to visit soon this marvelous city. I didnt know it is the most populated, you have been very lucky with the weather. The breakfast looks very delicious, as I saw it my tummy rumbled!:) Sorry for the hangover, never nice getting it! The photos are beautiful and u have such great legs! Have a lovely week! xo

  2. really nic ephotos. i totally want to visit amsterdam xx

  3. wow,i have never been to Amsterdam,amazing photos!

  4. the architecture there is SO GORGEOUS! love those gardens and the food looks delish.

  5. Amserdam is one of my favourite cities. Glad that you enjoyed yourself. I love the photos, thanks for sharing.

  6. I also like Leffe beer! So nice to see that you had perfect weather. I didn't know that The Netherlands had so many inhabitants - a very interesting fact.

  7. Stunning architecture! I had no idea about it being such a highly populated area. Happy Birthday!

  8. looks so yummy

  9. I think that's a good evening .

  10. thanks for your comments dear!

  11. Really Beautiful Place

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  12. amazing pics.. glad you had a wonderful time. i would love to go there some day

  13. Happy birthaday! Such a great idea to visit Amsterdam I think (I love this city :) Great photos, and it was great to read about Amsterdam. The Netherlands is indeed very dense populated:) And you were indeed lucky with the weather! Last ear it was snowing in April :)
    Have a great weekend!


  14. Do you have your birthday on 7th of April? Am I right? I'd love to congratulate you:) ( yeah, better late than never;) Wish you all the best, stay positive and lovely girl, as you are now. I really appreciate that we find each other in the Internet, it's such a pleasure to comunicate with you:)
    Those photographs are adorable as well, that breakfast plate looks super yummy:) You made me feel like hungry, awwww;)))
    Wish you a great day ahead!

    1. I am on March 27 :) Anyway, thank you very much! Happy b-day to you too!

  15. wonderful post! Maybe you’d like to follow me too? 
    Kisses, Alina

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