3 Days in Italy: A day in Venice

Втория ден от екскурзията ни посветихме на красивата Венеция. Рано сутринта си хванахме влак от Болоня, като имахме предварително закупени билети (онлайн билети тук ).

The second day of our Italy trip was dedicated to the beautiful Venice. Early in the morning we caught the train from Bologna and arrived after hour and a half (find online tickets here ).

Когато пристигнахме на гарата във Венеция, тръгнахме да търсим площада Сан Марко. Оказа се не много близо, но пък за сметка на това успяхме да видим добре тесните улички, каналите, автентичните сгради и да усетим уникалната атмосфера на града.

When we arrived we went on walking to Piazza San Marco. It turned to be not as close as we thought but at least we could well see the tight streets, canals, authentic buildings and to feel the unique atmosphere of the city.

On our way to Piazza San Marco I saw a well-dressed girl posing in front of a boy who was taking pictures of her. I'm pretty sure she was a fashion blogger! She was dressed too fancy for a daily walk - gold from head to toe and was posing in a weird way. Definitely caught my attention.

  На площада Сан Марко величествено се издигат импозантни сгради, контрастиращи с тесните вътрешни улички на града. 

In a contrast to the tight streets inside Venice you can see the impressive buildings on Piazza San Marco. 

От богатия избор на сгради и забележителности, успях да хвана най-малката опашка от туристи за Двореца на дожите. Готическата сграда изумява с размерите си, впечатлява с красивите зали и множеството детайли. Впечатление правят и затворническите килии.

There is a huge variety of where to go and what to see on Piazza San Marco, but I could catch the smallest line of people in front of the Doge's Palace and got inside quickly. The Gothic palace amuses with its measurements and impresses with its beautifully ornamented halls. I was impressed with the prisons cells as well.

След посещението в Двореца отплавахме с лодка към Мурано - част на Венеция, известна с производството на венецианско стъкло. Навсякъде по улиците и по всички магазинчета се продават бижута и различни изделия от известния материал.

After the Doge's Palace we sailed to Murano - a part of Venice mostly known with it's production of Venetian glass. And indeed, everywhere on the streets and in every single shop they were selling jewellery and different kind of production of the well-known material.

След това се върнахме на площада Сан Марко и с бавна разходка се отправихме към гарата, минавайки покрай каналите, по които бавно се придвижваха гондоли. 

After that we came back to San Marco square and headed on a slow walk towards the railway station. On our way back we passed by the canals where gondolas were slowly moving on.

До часа на заминаването на влака имахме още малко време. Затова седнахме и се наслаждавахме на последната гледка, която се разкриваше пред нас, преди да се завърнем в Болоня. 

We had some time until our train left for Bologna so we sat down here and enjoyed the beautiful view in front of us.

P.S. Dear friends, thank you so much for your comments on my previous post. I switched my comments back to blogger and I lost all of them for the last 1/2 year. Hope you don't mind as some of you share a comment on every post of mine. I appreciate it a lot and I'm not happy of this fact but there's nothing I can do about it and I'm sorry! Kisses and hugs!

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  1. oh my, how beautiful! You are a lucky one to be there, it's such a gorgeous place and even magical. I harish a memory to visit Venice one day. Those photographs are adorable!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!


  2. Thanks for taking me to Venice today! It also happens that I occasionally see girls posing and I'm pretty sure that they are fashion bloggers. I had especially switched to Google+ so that I could continue to comment on your blog. But you are right to switch back to Blogger; it's easier for everyone to comment on your post.

    1. Really? I didn't know that you had switched to Google+ to comment on my blog. What a nice gesture! Thank you, Anouka!

  3. What a wonderful time you both had. I visited Venice several years ago and your lovely photos bring back such happy memories. I especially like all your photos of the coloured buildings and pretty balconies. I find it's much easier to comment on Blogger too.

  4. LOVE the photos! this is exactly what i envision for these great european cities...cobbles streets, narrow alleyways, and the boats! fun fun! thanks for sharing them!


  5. Gorgeous photos and views! I hope to travel to Italy one day too~

    Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

  6. Lucky you. I love Venice!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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