First days of the May vacay in Athens | Майска ваканция в Атина

I am in Athens for a week. It's my 6th time in Athens and 9th in Greece, but that's not enough, because there is so much to see. Yesterday I went to Palaio Faliro - a costal suburb in Athens, a parking for boats and yachts, near my favourite Athens' region - Piraeus (see photos of the sunset in Piraeus here).

Почивните дни ме изпратиха в Атина за седмица. В Гърция съм била общо 9 пъти, а в столицата им - 6, но има толкова много места за посещаване, че това е само капка в Средиземно море. Вчера се разходих по крайбрежието на квартал Палео Фалиро - паркинг за кораби и яхти не далеч от любимата ми Пирея (залеза в Пирея).

After that I had lunch at Zahoulis restaurant in Glyfada. I've already eaten there twice, and it's one of my top restaurants in Athens. You can read more about it in this post.

Обядът след това беше в Zahoulis - предпочитано ресторантче в квартал Глифада. Споменавам предпочитано не случайно - вече два пъти съм хапвала там и винаги ми харесва. Вижте този пост, ако искате да разберете защо.

The night before I stumbled upon the "night of museums", so I took advantage to see the Acropolis Museum. Some of the original parts from the Acropolis were exposed, others are part of the collection in British Museum. However, it was great to visit it!

Предишната вечер се озовах в Музея на Акропола в нощта на музеите. Голяма част от ескпонатите бяха оригинали от самия Апропол, а много от липсващите се пазят в Британския музей. При всички положения, беше голям късмет и интересно изживяване.

After the visit I had late dinner at Diodos. The place was ok, the food was nothing special, so I will most likely recommend another restaurant.

След посещението в музея вечерях в ресторант Diodos. Мястото и храната са ок, но нищо повече, затова по-скоро бих препоръчала друг ресторант.

It's almost the end of May, and the weather is kind of cool. I hope that these days it will get better, so I can swim in the sea. I am already looking forward to summer!

Почти краят на май е, но времето си е хладно. Надявам се да се постопли тези дни и да ми позволи да се топна в морето. Вече нямам търпение да дойде летният сезон!

First days of the May vacay in Athens | Майска ваканция в Атина First days of the May vacay in Athens | Майска ваканция в Атина Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 5/23/2016 Rating: 5


  1. How pretty!!! Let´s start by saying that I love your top and your shoes :) The place looks amazing and makes me want to run there immediately: it looks so relaxing and I can totally imagine the noise of the wind blowing at the harbor.. ENJOY!


  2. Hello Sany! Ah, lucky you! Wish I visited it soon! Your photos are breathtaking and make me want to travel soon, I need holidays summer and sun!:P You look fantastic, love your ootd and the entire look perfectly matches the vacation mood. Happy Monday Sany! xo

  3. Amazing photos, colours, sunshine - everything!! Loving reading about your trips :)

  4. Beautiful photos as always, the food looks delicious! Can't wait till we get some sun in the uk :) xx

  5. What a lovely May getaway! Athens seems to be one of those places that's beautiful whatever time of year you visit. You're such a cute tourist Sany! What a treat it must've been to get to see the Acropolis Museum at night - probably less crowded at that time I would imagine. Summer is getting close :) Have a lovely week my dear!

  6. So nice that you get to spend time in Greece! I would love to revisit this country as well... For now I will through your beautiful pics.

  7. These images are marvellous, I love yachts and water so I know that I would like it there. I can see why you would be excited for summer. I've not been to Athens particularly, but would love to visit someday. <3
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  8. Hello Sany! You found perfect place for weekend getaway, dear friend! Athens looks amazing, I saw that you in your trip conected historical part of your trip by visiting museum (this ancient exhibition looks terrific, btw!) and focusing on Greece cuisine, especially I love the dishes with salats! What's more, I'm so impressed that you visited Greece so many times, dear!

  9. Hello Stanislavia!
    It's beautiful,it is blue, it is sunny!
    I love the pictures, thank you for taking us each time discovering new places!
    Wish you a fab week!

  10. Hey there! You have a nice blog here and the pictures really catched my attention, that's why I stopped in your site!

    I would like to be there right now, actually this place remind me a little of Barcelona, now i'm living here and I'm always looking forward for new inspiring places! Enjoy as much as you can!

    Have a great day!

    PS: The food looks delicious!
    Fungi Express blog

  11. To vyzera ako nadherny vylet! Grecko je krasna krajina, a ich jedlo je uplne fantasticke! Dufam, ze si si svoju dovolenku vyborne uzila :)

  12. I have never been to Athens or even Greece but it looks amazing. It's somewhere we looked into going this year but ended up choosing somewhere else. I will have to make sure we go soon though as it looks so pretty :) x

  13. wow, seems like a great place to visit!

    Take care doll!! Ps: I'm hosting a Giveaway. I'd love if you entered!

  14. I do hope I will get to visit Athens some day. I can get what you mean by saying it is your 6th visit and you still feel like you have a lot to see. Athens is a city so rich in culture and history that there is bound to be a lot to see. Besides, I bet exploring modern parts of the city is fun too! This place looks lovely. I remember when I visited Rome ( I was there for a few days), I had this feeling like I only started...for to really "see" any city, it takes a while.

    You look fantastic in those white jeans...the pop of yellow is so awesome! perfect shoes and top! such a lovely casual outfit altogether.

    The food looks yummy, but I didn't payed too much attention because I just had lunch and I'm so full:). If that wasn't the case, I would have probably been drooling over those food photos, ha ha ha.

  15. Awwww, I envy you so much right now! In a good way, of course :) I'll hope you're having the most wonderful time. It certainly looks like that on the photos. I've been in Athens ages ago on a high school trip (well, and this month inside the airplane haha :p) but I need to go there again and enjoy it properly. Greece is such an amazing country and your numerous visits actually don't surprise me :) Enjoy! :) Can't wait to see more posts from Greece :)

  16. I've never been to Athens but Palaio Faliro sounds like my kind of place with those yachts!

  17. I've never been to Athens but Palaio Faliro sounds like my kind of place with those yachts!

  18. These pictures are gorgeous, and the food looks so delicious! Xx

  19. The view is breathtaking. I plan on visiting Greece in August. Beautiful pics.

  20. Athens - my favorite city.


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