Hemingway restaurant is a must try in Plovdiv | Ресторант "Хемингуей" в Пловдив

Plovdiv got me surprised with the variety of fine restaurants and cafés downtown, and restaurant Hemingway BBQ Bar&Grill was no exception. Situated in a top location, the servers were very kind and accommodating. The interior didn't fully grab me, but it was comfortable and it made me feel cosy. Hemingway restaurant consists of a main hall, lobby bar, garden, balcony, wine shop and wine cellar. The dishes looked more than appetising, and so they tasted. M. had a pork steak filled with chorizo, and I opted for the chicken fillets in Bulgarian cheese sauce and herbs that melted in my mouth. We added a homemade bread to our lunch, which was fresh baked and crispy. We waited a bit longer than expected for the main courses to be served, but it was worth waiting. One tip from me: when in Plovdiv, drink Kamenitza (the local beer). We went for it and it was the perfect add to our dishes.

Пловдив ме изненада доста приятно със заведенията си в центъра на града. За обяд посетихме ресторант Hemingway BBQ Bar&Grill, който се намира на ул. Ген. Гурко в началото на главната. Още с влизането силно впечатление ми направи професионалното, както и любезно отношение от страна на обслужващия персонал. Интериорът не ми допадна, но създаваше чувство за уют и комфорт, което беше по-важното. Ресторантът се състои от основна зала, лоби бар, градина, тераса, винен магазин и винена изба. Още със сервирането храната изглеждаше доста примамливо. М. заложи на свински котлет, пълнен с чоризо, докато аз хапнах пилешки филенца с български сирена и билки, запечени с кашкавал, които се топяха в устата. Към храната добавихме домашно изпечен хляб, който се режеше пред очите ни, а изборът за бира в Пловдив можеше да е само един - добрата стара Каменица, която вървеше чудесно с храната. Почакахме малко повече, докато ни сервират поръчката, но си заслужаваше чакането. 

If you happen to be in Plovdiv and you are looking for a good restaurant downtown, I strongly recommend you visit Hemingway.

Ако сте в Пловдив и търсите хубав ресторант в центъра, моята препоръка е Hemingway. 

Hemingway restaurant is a must try in Plovdiv | Ресторант "Хемингуей" в Пловдив Hemingway restaurant is a must try in Plovdiv | Ресторант "Хемингуей" в Пловдив Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 2/24/2016 Rating: 5


  1. Hi Sany! I wish I visited it now, Im hungry only reading ur review! The food looks good and Im very curious to try that beer, u know how much love it! Have a lovely evening Sany! xo

  2. I don't usually mind a slight wait for food if it ends up being really good and it certainly looks and sounds like everything you ordered was delicious! And I prefer comfort over an over stylish decor as well.

  3. The food looks very hearty and I will definitely remember Hemingway if I ever visit Plovdiv!

  4. Обичам Пловдив и определено ще обърна внимание на това местенце при следващото ни посещение! :))

  5. I like some of the places that you visit, and this looks like a very comfort style of food to enjoy. The dishes look like they are tasty, so I would try this place. Thanks for sharing.
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  6. Ok, I need to have my lunch right now :D I feel so hungry after reading your description and seeing those photos. You definitely convinced me that it's worth a visit :)

  7. I must admit that this post and the pictures make me so hungry!
    Thank you for the beautiful sharing.
    Nice presentation!

  8. Hello my dear Sany! :) Wow, the photos of the food are amazing, I'd love to visit this restaurant someday, because I'm huge fan of good food (I suppose like everyone!:)). And sorry to hear that you and M. had to wait for your order a little bit longer than you thought, but on the other hand everything was delicious :)
    PS: What about the weather in Poland it's snowing (but the snow is melting on the same day) and cold, can't wait for a Spring :)


  9. Yum yum yum! Wish I coulld be there

  10. Еха, много готино място за вечеря и чаша вино :)


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