Gourmet burgers and the best french fries at MEAT | Гурме изживяване в MEAT

In the end of 2014 a new place for gourmet sandwiches and burgers, called MEAT opened in Sofia. Its top location makes it easy to access. There are tables on the first, second and third floor, and the interior is bright and detailed. While waiting for your burger to be served, you can have a draft Glarus (Bulgarian craft beer). There is also a variety of bottled beer, as well as cold and warm drinks. The menu includes daily soups, salads and desserts, but the highlight of the place are the burgers and sandwiches made of the best quality Bulgarian meat, and homemade freshly baked bread. There is also a meatless sandwich and meatless halloumi sandwich for the vegetarians. My choice was the cheeseburger, made of 100% ground juicy beef. I was pleasantly surprised by the French fries, which were homemade and heavenly delicious. A reason I would return back again. Last but not least, the service was friendly and I didn't have to wait long to get my order served. 

В края на 2014 на ул. Ангел Кънчев отвори врати ново място за бургери и садвичи. Но не какви да е, а гурме. Мястото е лесно за откриване, а по огромната табела с надпис M EAT няма как да го объркате. Има маси както на първия, така и на втория, и третия етаж, но не си мислете, че заведението е с огромен капацитет, просто интериорът е интересен и разчупен. Отворената гледка към кухнята позволява да хвърлите поглед върху работата, която тече там, докато се приготвя бургерът Ви. Чакайки, можете да заложите или на наливния Гларус, или на разнообразието от бутилирани бири. Разбира се предлагат се и безалкохолни напитки и кафе. Менюто включва супи, салати и десерти, а акцентът пада върху бургерите и сандвичите, които са комбинация от първокласно българско месо и ръчно направен хляб, изпечен на място. На вегетарианците се предлага мийтлес сандвич и мийтлес халуми сандвич. Моят избор беше чийзбургерът, който е със 100% мляно и сочно телешко. Останах приятно изненадана от пържените картофки, които бяха домашни и адски вкусни - причината, поради която бих се върнала отново. И не на последно място обслужването беше бързо и приятно.   

Do you have a place for gourmet sandwiches and burgers where you live? 

А Вие хапвали ли сте в MEAT? С какви впечатления останахте? 

Gourmet burgers and the best french fries at MEAT | Гурме изживяване в MEAT Gourmet burgers and the best french fries at MEAT | Гурме изживяване в MEAT Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 2/29/2016 Rating: 5


  1. I like the name of this place. It's very straightforward and you know what their specialty is right away :) Your cheeseburger looks very juicy and delicious and the fries look super tasty as well. Gourmet burgers are very big in NYC so we have many places that specialise in them.We actually tried to go to try a new restaurant that recently opened last week but the wait was over an hour so we'll have to go back some other time. We did have lunch the Shake Shack yesterday. They have one of my fave burgers in NYC :) Happy Monday Sany!

  2. Hello Sany! Mmm, Id go there only for the fries, they really look super delish and good, Im craving for them! Im veggie so I dont eat meat as u know but definitely it must be nice, and of course that beer <3 Have a great week Sany, hugs! xo

  3. Everything looks very tasty. I visited the restaurant. It's my taste. Thank you.

  4. The fries look very inviting indeed! I also love it when places care about vegetarians too and include such options on their menus.

  5. I do! In many places around Greece!!
    Looks yummy!!
    Dora www.BangsBang.com

  6. These "food" posts always make me hungry :) You know, one day when I visit your country, your blog will be my guide ;) I absolutely enjoy it! Burgers are not a typical food around here but there are couple of places that are very famous and very good, too :)

  7. Mmm..everything looks so good!
    Thank you for this great post!
    Always a pleasure to read your articles!
    wish you all the best!

  8. Those French fries look perfect, so crispy and golden! There are lots of great places for burgers in London, one of my faves is Burger and Lobster where you get a choice of...you guessed it!

  9. Hello dear friend! :) Your burger looks so yummy, Sany and in general, this place is very cozy and I see that everything (including the beer) has to be delicious :) Personally, I have similar place to this one, in Wroclaw, with the best burgers I have ever eaten - it calls Burgers on the Rock (in Polish: Burgery na Skale) :) Hope you had great day! :)


  10. We have so many gourmet burger places over here. It's really the "IT" thing in restaurants right now. And why not, burgers are so freaking good! Hehehe. This place looks pretty special, I mean those fries look totally hand cut too!


  11. This place is lovely ;)


    Mónica Sors



  12. Those fries look dam good!

    Hope you’re having a Fabulous Sunday! Kisses,

  13. This place look really nice. We have to visit it next time we're in Sofia.
    And maybe they will have our beer one day ;))


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