Prague 2

 Ето ме отново със снимки от Прага 
Here I am with some photos from Prague
  На втория ден изтормозих приятеля си, понеже исках да посетим възможно най-много забележителности
On the second day I a made a little harassment for my boyfriend by making him go to all the posilble sight-seeing places
Но си заслужаваше тормоза
But it was worth seeing
Катедралата Св. Вит
Saint Vitus' Cathedral
  Запознахме се с част от нощния живот на Прага - посетихме Roxy Club, Chapeau Rouge, както и Reggae Bar и Bar 23
We wanted to see how was the night life in Prague - we went to Roxy Club, Chapeau Rouge, Reggae Bar and Bar 23. Next time more:)
  Последният ден беше слънчев и преди заминаването ни към Братислава си направихме дълга разходка. 
The last day of our stay was very sunny and warm and we couldn't miss to make a long walk around the city to say goodbye.
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  1. Prague is such a beautiful and romantic city!


  2. Great blog dear! I really love this post!
    Keep it up! ;)


  3. Looks like you had so much fun! :)

  4. Awesome pictures! xx

    Check out the new post on my blog!

  5. What a beautiful photos, i love prague! <3 I was there 2 years ago, need to go back!

  6. Prague is such a gorgeous city, I'm jealous!

  7. Such gorgeous photos, I really want to visit Prague!!


  8. It seems like such a beautiful city! xx

  9. Prague is gorgeous!

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