Beaches around Athens - Schinias

Плажната ивица на Schinias е дълга и широка, морето беше топло и спокойно. Освен това трябва да се влезне доста навътре, докато стане малко по-дълбоко. Доста е приятен и фактът, че зад плажа има борова гора.

This amazing beach, called Schinias, is wide and the sea was very warm. Also it is very shallow for a long distance, till it gets deeper. The best one for me was the pinewood in the background.

Beaches around Athens - Schinias Beaches around Athens - Schinias Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 10/09/2012 Rating: 5


  1. Beautiful beach! I wish I could go there now.


  2. Oh wow! This is so lovely to see as here in London it is very chilly today! :)

  3. I used to visti Schinias 10 years ago!


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