Exploring the charming and remarkable old town of Plovdiv | По улиците на стария Пловдив

The old Plovdiv is one of the oldest European cities which was continuously inhabited since Ancient times. At the entrance is the Church of the Holy Mother of God  – an impressive building which was constructed in 1844. Medieval streets with cobbled lanes will lead you further to the top of the hill where Ancient Theatre remained preserved from Roman times. Plovdiv has always been a large trading centre through the centuries, one of the major cultural centres of Bulgarian culture and tradition, and also an important centre for the Bulgarian national movement during the rule of the Ottoman empire. If you are interested, just google it and you will find a lot of information about the city and its history.

Тесни павирани улички, цветни възрожденски къщи и история от древни времена те пренасят няколко века назад, когато се разхождаш в Старинен Пловдив. На входа те посреща величествената сграда на храма „Свето Успение Богородично“, а някъде отгоре идва мелодията от гайдата на уличен музикант. Вървиш, снимаш, почиваш си, защото в стария град сякаш времето е спряло. Стигаш до Античния театър - пред теб се извисяват останки от римско време на фона на един забързан модерен град. Важен търговски център през вековете, градът продължава да е водещ фактор в създаването и разпространяването на традициите и културата. Прекрасно е, че си имаме такова историческо богатство, не мислите ли? 

What do you think of Plovdiv Old town?

Имате ли любимо място в Пловдив? Какво мислите за стария град?

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Exploring the charming and remarkable old town of Plovdiv | По улиците на стария Пловдив Exploring the charming and remarkable old town of Plovdiv | По улиците на стария Пловдив Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 2/26/2016 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks you for sharing some of Plovdiv's history. It certainly looks like the city has retained a sense of old world charm which is great considering it's place in Bulgaria's history. It was nice to have a visit there with you :) Happy weekend Sany!

  2. It would have been nice to see more photos. It looks like a place worth visiting, given the rich historical background and the beautiful architecture.

  3. Hi Sany! I think is amazing and very picturesque, your photos perfectly give the idea of the description, I have to google it too for further info. Love the pic of u, u look so very pretty and adorable! And, what hair! Happy weekend Sany, hugs! xo

  4. All the photos are so pretty !! x


  5. I love these kinds of old towns! They have so much history, it's kind of crazy to think about. My favorites shots are the ones of you with the statue and the cat!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  6. OMG wow S! Just wow! This city is utterly spectacular, I had no idea how rich in history it is. I definitely want to see it, maybe you could be my tour guide hehehe!


  7. Beautiful post with wonderful pictures!
    Thank you for let us discover so lovely places.
    Wish you a fab sunday!

  8. Красиво място е Пловдид, определено има какво да се види там. Аз съм била някаколко пъти, но честно казано нямам някакви ярки спомени. Сега ми се иска да отидем за няколко дни на спокойствие да разгледаме. Прекрасни снимки както винаги!

  9. Ancient and beautiful city.

  10. Hello Sany! Wow, I feel the wind of history in this beautiful and as you said - one of the oldest European cities! I really like these ancient ruins of Theatre, they look really interesting at the background of the modern Plovdiv, sounds like it was great trip, my dear:)
    PS: Thank your for your supportive and lovely words on my blog, dear friend and...
    PS2: ...tomorrow I'll be having an job interview, so keep fingers crossed for me ;P



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