И тази година не пропуснах да посетя фестивала за градска култура "София диша". Този път събитието се проведе на ул. Московска. За тези, които не са запознати, "София диша" е ежегоден фестивал, който се провежда всяка неделя през август от 2010г. насам. Локацията всеки път се мести на различна улица от централната част на София. Спира се движението на коли, а пешеходците стават свидетели на визуални и сценични изкуства, литература, екология и спорт, социално-образователни инициативи. Тази година програмата включва 5 зони - творческа, детска за най-малките, релакс, базар и спортна зона. Фестивалът подкрепя кандидатурата на София за европейска столица на културата през 2019г. (въпреки че градът победител вече е избран, за който много се радвам). Посещавала съм фестивала и минали години, но засега мисля, че това събитие ми е любимо от поредицата.

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Студио Щрак

През оставащите недели от август "София диша" ще се проведе на 21.08. на ул. Княз Александър I и съответно на 28.08 на бул. Александър Стамболийски. Успяхте ли да посетите фестивала? Какво мислите?

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  1. I love festivals like this but haven't been to one in so long! It looks like there were a ton of interesting stalls though and things to look at so I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for something similar near to where I live :) x

  2. Festivals like this that have a little bit of everything are such fun especially during the summer months when you want to be out anyway. It looks like you had a lovely time with your friends and how nice that if people missed it this past weekend, they still have two more chances to check it out. Happy new week dear Sany!

  3. I adore festivals such as this, there are so many fascinating thing to see and it gives amazing exposure to artists. Looks and sounds like you had amazing time with your friends at the festival!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. Анонимен15/8/16

    Very interesting and fun place. Everyone finds something close to yourself.

  5. It's great that the festival takes place every Sunday of August - if you miss out once, you can check it out the next week! You look drop dead gorgeous in this striped dress by the way :)


  6. Анонимен15/8/16

    Looks like a fun day out! I can see that the weather was great; would have enjoyed an aperol spritz as well :) Unfortunately I haven't been to a similar event lately.

    1. The weather was lovely indeed. I love Aperol spritz, so when I saw the stall with drinks, I couldn't help myself.

  7. Prekrasno... naistina ima mnogo talantlivi hora v Bulgaria i festivali kato tozi sa tochno za tqh.
    I love the photos... looks like you had a great time!


  8. I enjoy going to seasonal festivals full of culture and art like this. It truly sounds like an interesting festival for the community, and also a great offering of holding the event two more times for those who may missed a Sunday.

  9. Hello Stanislava,
    Looks really like a nice event!
    Love that kind of festivals and the market is so lovely.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great week!

  10. Great photos dear! That event looks so cool!


  11. That beautiful smile on your face tells exactly how much you enjoyed it there :) The concept is so fun and cool and I would be happy to spend some time there. I also like that it's not a one day thing and that you can revisit it when you feel like it :)
    Hope you've been having a great week so far! ;)

    1. Basically you can revisit it every Sunday of August, but since the location changes, each event is interesting on its own. Thank you Tijana!

  12. Hello Sany! Good to know that you enjoyed this edition of the festival more than in previous year, dear, I see that you could find there a lot of interesting things. And I haven't had idea that Sofia will be capital of culture in 2019, this year Wroclaw (my second home) has this title and from my own experience I have to say that thank to this, more interesting events have been taking place there since Wroclaw is capital of culture of 2016. Have a lovely evening, dear!
    PS: I've just forgot to tell you that you look terrific in this dress, dear friend :)


    1. The festival only supports the nomination of Sofia for European capital of culture in 2019. Otherwise, Plovdiv is the winner of the contest which is also great! Thank you for your comment Ivonne!