София - лятна, нагорещена, зелена, пълна с живот, ухаеща на липа. Такава е тя в момента. Улиците са изпълнени с тълпи от хора, търсещи прохладата на различни места, а привечер по градинките и парковете е трудно да се намери свободно кътче. Използвам момента да ѝ се насладя сега, защото след месец вече няма да се носи ароматът на свежа трева и уханни растения, а обитателите ѝ ще са я изоставили в търсене на морски приключения. Обичам планината и морето, но също и града, в който живея, и затова винаги се вълнувам от промените и прехода на един сезон в друг.

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А твоите чувства към лятото в града какви са?

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  1. It's interesting how cities take on different energies depending on the season isn't it. New York City is always bustling but even more so during the summer cause there always seem to more tourists and everyone wants to be outside when it's nice. I tend to prefer the early morning and sunset hours during this time of year where it's just more peaceful.

  2. Hello Sany! I have the same feelings for my city as well! And for how u describe yours, it must be a truly stunning place which Id like to visit soon, is into my wishlist! Such wonderful and inspiring pics! Have a good evening Sany, hugs! xo

  3. I lived almost 18 years in a city, it's in Malaysia though so there is no season change there so I can't quite comment the differences. May I ask why your city would be empty in a month? Is it because everyone leave for vacation elsewhere?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. Оххх, наистина е прекрасно с носещия се аромат на липа. Да се разхождаш с удоволствие :) Много приятен разказ и снимки :)

  5. Hello Stanislavia,
    I looks so beautiful ! love the photos you re sharing.
    I agree with you each season we have a special feeling because of course everything changes:the clmate, the people, the activities, even the air..
    Wish you a great end of week!

  6. Анонимен23/6/16

    I love summer time in Luxembourg and I've decided not to go on holidays for the next three months until autumn starts and nights are getting shorter.

  7. Hello Sany! :) Personally I also love to spend summer the city during summer, because -in my case- Wroclas is also empty during this season, what means that you can go to restaurant, which you adore and you don't have to wait an hour for your order to be done :) What's more, I also like the scent of honey, which is in the air - blossoming linden flowers are my absolutely favorite thing during June! :) Have a lovely evening, my friend :)


  8. I'm so loving this city. Neat!

  9. I also enjoy the city in the summer season, but also tend to adore experiencing all four seasons, even though summer is no my favourite I still want all the seasons. Lovely photos Sany. Have a great weekend. x
    Foodie Friday

  10. Love it so much and thanks for sharing your feeling about this amazing city.

  11. Negative feelings S, negative! Bahahaha! I am not a summer person because summer over here is brutal. It's very hot, can get humid and the sun can potentially kill you! I paint a bleak picture but it's so true. The sun is very much dangerous in Australia because of the hole in the ozone layer. Which is quadruply as bad for someone as pale as me!


  12. Although I techically live near a city, it isn't a very big one at all so it's hard to say how I feel about the summer in the city. I am going to London next month though so it will be interesting to see what things are like there in the warmer months x

  13. Аз също много оличам гпада, шумните улици, в които да можеш да се скриеш зад анонимността на тълпата, изненадващите попадения за заведения, барове, кафенета...
    Така е не съм живяла в София, но от гледната точка на посетител определено има дъха на европейски град с типичната архитектура и хора с разнообразни хоризонти :)

  14. People usually complain about summer in the city but I'm not one of them :) Well, having a beach nearby definitely helps in my case, but I love the whole atmosphere, people from all over the world, warm weather, all the sunshine, evenings that you can spent outdoors etc. The only annoying thing is when the temperature gets too high, but I try to avoid being outside in that time of the day :)

  15. An interesting post :)

    I'm personally not a city person, however I do love the Summer as people seem so much happier and generally cheerful weather makes everybody happy be it a city or a beach :)

    Great photos and post.

    Laura xo