I visited three Christmas bazaars on Sunday. I am sharing with you those designers, who haven't been present on the blog so far. To avoid a heavy image post, I'll divide it in two parts and for the end of the week I'm preparing a little Christmas surprise for you. Let us start with my visit to SoBAZAAR Christmas edition #3.

През изминалата неделя посетих три коледни базара. Споделям с Вас дизайнерите и производителите, които досега не са отразени в блога. Разделям постовете на две части, за да заобиколя отегчението Ви, а за края на седмицата подготвям малка коледна изненада. Започвам с посещението си на SoBAZAAR Christmas edition #3.

Chez Fefe macarons & cafe

Фабриката за творчество

Кожени бижута MODO от Мира Джамбазка / MODO leather jewelry by Mira Djambazka

Valentin Belousov jewelry

На изчезване

Emilia Emileva

Handmaids Cosmetic

After that I headed towards Radisson hotel, where another bazaar was taking place.

След това се отправих към хотел Радисън, където се провеждаше Базар на изкуствата за Никулден и Коледа.

Ех, тези Gancini Candles!


Petya Twinkles Boutique


Have a good start of the new week everyone! 

Прекрасен старт на новата седмица на всички! 

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  1. I think that I got blocked staring at those macarons for an entire minute. O gosh, I so want to eat one now =) And some of those necklaces are just amaaaaaziiing!!!!!!


  2. Hi Sany! How beautiful, I bet must have been so fun and cool! The bazaars look great especially the one took at the Radisson Hotel, if I was there, Id bought lots of things lol! Have u too a wonderful week ahead and a good start Sany, many kisses! xo (ps strobing means highlighting and is the opposite of contouring!)

  3. Wonderful items! I just love that big tree so beautiful!


  4. The pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing:)


  5. Hello dear Sany! :) Everything looks so festive and your photos make me realize that the Christmas are just around the corner and I'm very happy with it, because I totally love this time of the year:) What's more, I love the photos of jewelry, I see here many interesting solutions how to make unique necklaces :) Have a great night, Sany!

  6. Wow you definitely made some lovely finds on your Christmas bazaar visits Stanislava! I really like how that tree outside the Radisson is so simply and elegantly decorated with the red ornaments and presents. And now I seem to have a craving for some macarons ;p Have a lovely week sweetie!

  7. Анонимен8/12/15

    The macarons look so inviting! Great that you have had the chance to visit these bazaars. I haven't been to any this autumn:(

  8. Чудесен базар! Изпълнен с толкова много креативност и красота :))

  9. Amazing post with so lovely shoots..
    Love the sweeties.
    Wish you beautiful week my dear.

  10. Have a great evening, my dear friend, Sany :)


  11. Oooh this would definitely give you ideas on what to get loved ones for Christmas!


  12. Изглеждат страхотно! А и фотографията е доста артистична, Сани, все повече ми харесва стилът на блога ти. Приятна седмица и на теб!

    1. Много ти благодаря, Сезен! Радвам се да видя коментара ти! Целувки

  13. How wonderful looks all those jars! ♥