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Това е закуската ми през делничните дни.

Днес се събудих и бях в настроение за сандвичи с яйце и сирене. Не може да не сте си правили такива никога! Приготвянето е много лесно. Смесвате яйцата с натрошено сирене в купичка. Намазвате филийките с масло, след това със сместта и слагате във фурната. Може да оставите сандвичите за 20мин, ако препочитате да са по-препечени.

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Палачинки винаги са супер идея! А сега е Ваш ред да споделите с мен някаква вкусна и бърза рецепта! Каква е любимата Ви закуска? Честит петък!

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  1. Such a cute blog. Now, I’m your new follower on G+, FB and Bloglovin . I would be glad if you can and want to follow me back.
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  2. Hi Sany! My everyday breakfast is so similar to yours, I eat goji berries with almond too but I mix them with only apples! Then I drink lemon tea with some baked slices of bread :P Id love pancakes with Nutella as well, especially on Sunday morning, I never had that kind of sandwich though, it sounds very yummy! Have a marvelous weekend Sany, many hugs! xo

  3. Eggs and white cheese spread is something new to me but it looks and sounds delicious to me as I love eggs and cheese. I'm more of a savory breakfast eater and I usually have oatmeal with a fried egg and soy sauce. I love that you have goji berries with your muesli. I grew up with those and my mom always put goji berries into soups she would make. Happy weekend sweets!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. I would love to try that first one! I just love sandwiches, plus I eat eggs everyday but never tried an actual egg sandwich. Love that you added white cheese that is also my fave. Gonna write this down haha :)


  5. Looks all so delicious! My weekend favourites for breakfast are fruits, berries, and almonds or chia seeds as well. I also love Belgian waffles and smoked salmon. I hope you enjoy your weekend Stanislava. x/Madison
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  6. Que delicia amei, tenha um final de semana abençoado.
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  7. It looks so tasty and delicious. Thx for sharing.

  8. Hmmm delicious, thanks for sharing! <3

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  9. Oh my! Mouth watering. Amazing breakfast ideas.

  10. Stanislava, now I want to make pancakes tomorrow morning! HaHaHa

  11. Анонимен31/1/15

    You eat so healthy during the week! The egg and cheese sandwiches are my favourite though. I love savoury breakfasts. Have a good weekend.

  12. What's weekend for but good meals to keep you indoors. :)
    These are marvelous ideas!

  13. I love your blog, Stanislava! The pancakes looks especially yummy!
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  14. Моята закуска през всички дни е филийка с намачкано авокадо и отгоре парченца кашкавал. Поякога ми се случва да хапна нещо друго, но е в много редки случаи. А филийските с яйце и сирене са ми любими, но избягвам да ги правя защото никога не мога да хапна само една :)))

  15. So beautiful suggestions!!!! I'm used with tea and biscuits, but bread and eggs it seems very good !!!
    Kisses from Italy (and thank you for your visit),

    Eniwhere Fashion
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  16. Amazing ideas for delicious breakfast :) I really love that the last one - pancakes are always good idea (of course, when you have time to do this in the morning, so it's perfect idea for Sunday/Saturday's breakfast :)). Usually, I don't have time for such a breakfast, so I eat sandwiches with ham and vegatables :) I hope that your exam goes well, dear :)


  17. Everything looks so yummy! I always have for breakfast milk with chocolate and cereal crisps, so I think it's time take you by example and to be more creative!

  18. Уауу! Любими рецепти! Винаги са добра идея тези филийки и палачинки, а и толкова са вкусни :)
    Друга бърза рецепта за закуска: филийките за тост намазани с масло, отгоре шпек салам и кашкавал, штипка черен пипер и ги печем във фурна. Да! Това са принцеси, без къйма, със салам. Може да пробваш, Сани, готови са за 10-20 минути.

    1. Мммм, ще ги пробвам! Звучи много нездравословно и вкусно! :)

  19. Hello Sany, your first breakfast looks super healthy yet I know these ingredients together are delicious. I've always thought wolfberries or gou ju zi in Mandarin is a Chinese ingredient to be boiled in soups, both sweet or savoury. Now I know they could be eaten this way too! I wonder if guys could eat this though coz when I was young, my mum always said not to eat too much wolfberries as it is just to enhance the flavour of the soup, and that they aren't meant for boys. Your 2nd breakfast... I feel just like whipping up some cheese and egg sandwich now. Pancakes with nutella is the best!

    I'm honestly hungry now!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  20. Oh so yummy! Great photography
    Keep in touch

  21. Cereals, fresh and dried fruit is my kind of breakfast!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  22. Анонимен2/2/15

    My favorite breakfast is boiled egg and cheese.

  23. cereale cu lapte, unt cu paine, miere sau dulceata, ceai s un ou fiert, avocado cu lamaie si legume, pate vegetal din naut si morcov fiert sunt cateva variante. xo

  24. I'm not into sweet food for breakfast, but принцеси is something I wouldn't mind at all. I haven't had them for ages though ;)

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk