Един уикенд на морето

След месец, зает с изпити, най-накрая и аз се озовах на моренцето. Беше за кратко, но пак е нещо, все пак предстои цял юли и август. Мястото е Градина - едно от любимите ми. Водата беше топла и чиста, подухваше вятър, но плажът е известен с водните спортове като кайт и уинд сърф. Най-много ми хареса това, че нямаше толкова хора, колкото през август. С риск да се повторя, за мен идеалното време да се ходи на черноморието ни е в края на юни, началото на юли. От друга страна, от парти гледна точка е по-спокойно тогава, което е предимство за хората, търсещи спокойствие.

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А ти успя ли да се добреш до морето вече?

Един уикенд на морето Един уикенд на морето Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 7/11/2016 Rating: 5


  1. Gradina looks to be a beautiful beach spot! I can imagine it getting really crowded, especially since it's an ideal location for water sport and kite flying. I have fond memories of my parents taking us to fly kites at the beach in my childhood. You look great Sany! Wishing you a lovely new week. x/Madison

  2. A fun beach getaway sounds like the perfect reward for yourself after a month of exams. I hope those went well for you Sany! I'm with you on visiting the beach earlier during the summer season. It's definitely the best way to avoid the crowds and the super hot weather. Look at you rocking that bikini ;p

  3. Gosh that looks like a beautiful spot, Sany and you are rocking that two piece swimsuit beautifully! I was just complaining to my husband yesterday that we need to have a beach side vacation soon. We're living on an island and have yet to visit the beach this Summer!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. I'm currently dreaming of such a getaway! It looks like paradise. The closest beach from my place is three hours away but doesn't look as exotic as Gradina!

  5. I wish wish wish there were beaches like this where I live but unfortunately there's nothing even remotely as nice. It looks like you had a lovely time and the perfect little getaway :) x

  6. Hello Sany! :) Looks like you had great getaway - you're so lucky that you live nearby such a lovely beach, Bulgaria definitely looks beyond beautiful. And how were your exams? I hope that you passed everything and now you can relax, my dear friend ;) What's more, congrats on article in Bulgarian magazine, it's huge achievement ;)


  7. The best way to wash away the stress of exams is going to the beach. Hooray for you!

  8. Hello Stanislava,
    Love thi summer post!
    Beautiful place, and beautiful pics!
    Wish you a fab day!

  9. Суперско! Много готини снимки! На мен вече ми липсва морето..

  10. Awww... I like it already! Everything you mentioned is totally what I like. I'm not into parties, I hate crowded beaches and August is just the worst when it comes to them. I'm glad you enjoyed your little getaway and I hope you'll repeat it soon. The place looks lovely, I always enjoy your photography and let me tell you, miss, you look stunning in bikini! ;)

  11. Плажът наистина изглежда прекрасно! Лекичко ти завиждам за откраднатата макар и кратка плажна почивка. Ние тези дни го мислихме, изчислявахме и накрая установихме, че просто няма как да успеем да намерим време това лято за българско море... :(


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