Great salads and nice service at Red Coral Kitchen | Вкусни салати и добро обслужване на 5 мин от Орлов мост

Looking for something new and different, I found myself in a restaurant, called Red Coral Kitchen. Situated 10min away from the city centre by walk, luckily, it was a good choice. We had booked a table outside, but the staff offered us to move inside later in case we got cold. The setting was neat and pleasant, but as we stayed outside the whole evening, I couldn't see much from the interior inside. My choice was the vegan salad with cherry tomatoes, avocado, pesto, chickpea and home made bread (on the last photo). I am not vegetarian, but the mix of all ingredients was tasty. The fact that the avocado was neither too rape, nor too green, which is something I don't usually get in restaurants, was great. M. had the Verde salad with grilled goat cheese, and it was also very delicious. After eating my vegan salad, I was already full. However, we shared a portion of chicken fillets and risotto with raisins and cashew nuts as a side dish. The fillet sauce was a bit too sweet for my taste, but it I liked it. I didn't like the risotto though - it was uncooked. There are other choices from the menu I'd return to try, such as pizza and the desserts. I heard the zucchini are also good. Overall, we were happy with the food and the service, which was very kind and attentive. I saw on their Facebook fan page that between 16:00 - 18:00 p.m. they have a pizza happy hour with -30% discount.

В търсене на нещо ново и непознато наскоро се озовах в ресторант на име Red Coral Kitchen. Разположен на 10мин от Орлов мост (в сградата на БТА), заведението беше точното попадение. Резервацията ни беше за маса навън, но персоналът ни предложи да се преместим по-късно вътре, ако ни стане студено. Обстановката е непретенциозна, приятна, но не успях да видя много от интериора вътре, тъй като така и не се преместихме. Изборът от моя страна беше добре овкусена веган салата с чери домати, авокадо, песто, нахут и домашен хляб (на последната снимка). И не, не съм вегетарианка, но миксът между съставките доста ми допадна. Фактът, че авокадото не беше нито презряло, нито зелено, ми направи впечатление, тъй като в повечето ресторанти не случвам на добре узряло такова. М. си поръча салата Верде с перфектно запечено козе сирене. Допълнително си разделихме порция пиле с ризото с кашу и стафиди, тъй като мислех, че веганската салата няма да ми стигне, но след нея нямах нужда от повече. Пилешкото не ми беше по вкуса, но все пак ми хареса. Не бях очарована от ризотото обаче. Въпреки това, бих се върнала, за да пробвам пиците и десертите от менюто. Приятелка ми сподели, че и тиквичките си заслужават. Като цяло всички останахме доволни от храната, най-вече салатите и от обслужването, което беше на ниво. За справка, всеки ден от 16:00 до 18:00ч. имат pizza happy hour с -30% на пиците.

What do you think of this restaurant? Would you go there?

Въпреки че не съм вегетарианка, не мога да не отбележа, че се радвам да виждам все по-често някакъв, бил той дори и минимален избор за тези, които са избрали да не консумират месо. Посещавали ли сте заведението? С какви впечатления останахте?

Great salads and nice service at Red Coral Kitchen | Вкусни салати и добро обслужване на 5 мин от Орлов мост Great salads and nice service at Red Coral Kitchen | Вкусни салати и добро обслужване на 5 мин от Орлов мост Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 6/17/2016 Rating: 5


  1. Trying out new restaurants is one of my favorite activities but it can be so hot or miss when you're at a place you've never been before. It sounds like most of the good options were solid except for the risotto. That's such a tricky thing to cook but you'd expect a restaurant to be abel to get it right if they're going to put it on their menu. It's good that everything else was tasty (yay on the avocado being just right) and you liked it enough that you would go back. From the looks and your description I'd enjoy the salads here. Have a wonderful weekend my dear Sany!

  2. As a foodie, I enjoy visiting new restaurants. I think I'd try this place if ever I was in the area. I usually make a chickpea salad at home for lunches, but toss in fish occasionally. I wish you a lovely weekend Stanislava. Grilled goat cheese is delicious, so I think I would have ordered that one!
    Netflixation Weekend

  3. Pizza happy hour? I wish I were there! Lately I've been trying to save money and eat healthier so I've been cooking at home a lot. After seeing your post I feel like going out tonight :) pizza sounds pretty good!
    I hope you are doing well :)


  4. The food looks very fresh, so I would definitely consider going there!

  5. Hllo stanislavia,
    Yummy!everything looks so delicious!
    And I love salads ,specialy in this season!
    Than you for this lovely post.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Shame about the risotto. I don't know if I could return after that. If I have a bad experience at a restaurant I never want to return. I just feel weird and uncomfortable lol. But the pizza happy hour sounds like a PERFECT incentive.


  7. A must try and a must visit. :D

  8. I like discovering new restaurants and especially in this time of the year when you can sit outside and enjoy it even more :) I would love to go there, although now I know I would skip the risotto which is a pity because I adore it. The pizza happy hour sounds cool though and I wouldn't miss it. I'm not vegan/vegetarian but I do love that type of food as well.
    Have a great week! :)

  9. Hello Sany! :) I'm really happy that you was pleased with that restaurant, judging only by photos, I have to say that the food looked terrific, especially that salat with home made bread caught my attention, it had to be really delicious dish, dear :) Have a lovely evening, my dear:)
    PS: How about your exams, dear? Are you finished them? Hope that you was passed all of them :)

  10. Много приятно местенце. Аз не съм по ресторантите (ти го знаеш) и дори не знам, че го има този. Благодаря, че сподели. Салатите изглеждат много апетитно.

  11. i love of eating. its nice piece of writing for me.

  12. Салатите изглеждат много свежи и иновативни. Ох, размечтах се пак за българското топло лято.. скоро :)


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