What is the best time to visit Vatican City? | Кое е най-подходящото време да посетим Ватикана?

When in Rome, you should definitely pay a visit to the smallest state in the world - Vatican City. Saint Peter's Basilica is situated right behind Saint Peter's square, at the centre of which there is an Egyptian obelisk.

Престоят Ви в Рим задължително трябва да включва посещение на най-малката държава в света - Ватикана. Базиликата "Св. Петър", намираща на площада "Сан Пиетро", е построена върху гроба на св. Петър, а внушителният ѝ купол е първото нещо, което ще забележите. 

Two fountains - one constructed by Bernini, and the other one by Maderno stand at the obelisk's sides.

В средата на площада се издига египетски обелиск, от двете страни на който са построени два фонтана. Единият е дело на Мадерно, а другият е негово копие, дело на Бернини.

The Vatican Museums occupy almost the whole territory of Vatican. One tip from me - avoid visiting Rome at Easter or Christmas. Personally, I had to wait 3 hours on the line to get inside the museums. If you, however, happen to be there at that time of the year, have in mind that the line is 3 times longer in the morning compared to the afternoon.

По-голямата част от Ватикана е заета от Ватиканските музеи, за които трябва да си приготвите най-малко половин ден. Един съвет от мен - избягвайте да посещавате Рим по най-големите празници - Коледа и Великден. Лично аз чаках 3 часа на опашката, за да вляза в музеите.

Online tickets will grant you quick access, so for me, this is the best option. Once inside, you will realise that the Vatican Museums are huge and time-consuming. My visit lasted an hour and a half, which was pretty fast. 

Все пак, ако се озовете по това време на годината там, имайте предвид, че сутрин опашките са най-големи, затова следобяд вероятността да чакате дълго е доста по-малка. Закупените билети предварително онлайн ще Ви осигурят бързо влизане. Озовете ли се веднъж вътре, ще осъзнаете, че Ватиканските музеи са огромни. Посещението ми продължи час и половина, но ако сте от хората, които обръщат внимание на детайлите, ще изкарате повече време там.

My personal favourite was the Gallery of Maps, which included topographical maps of the whole Italy, commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII.

Лично мен най-много ме впечатли галерията с топографски карти на цяла Италия и земите, притежавани от Църквата по времето на Папа Григорий XIII.

For many, the main attraction is the Sistine Chapel, which has served as a place of both religious and functionary papal activity for centuries.

Сикстинската капела се води една от най-големите забележителности във Ватиканските музеи. В нея векове наред се е извършвал изборът за нов папа. 

I am happy that I had the chance to see the Vatican. Have you ever been there?

Радвам се, че имах възможност да разгледам Ватикана. Били ли сте там? 

What is the best time to visit Vatican City? | Кое е най-подходящото време да посетим Ватикана? What is the best time to visit Vatican City? | Кое е най-подходящото време да посетим Ватикана? Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 4/01/2016 Rating: 5


  1. Hello Sany! Yes, I did, many many years ago when I was a teen, remember a very looong line too! But is always so, you have been brave but definitely its worth the wait. You really look happy and lovely in that pic, Im sure you enjoyed your visit at the best. Happy Weekend Sany! xo

  2. wish i could visit there someday! the church looks so amazing, i really want to go there!
    have a great weekend dear!

  3. It has been ten years since I visited the Vatican. I do not remember long queues and I don't think that at time tickets had to be purchased online in advance. But times have changed. Great that you went and enjoyed your visit!

  4. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing your visit and tips with us Sany! I would definitely like to visit Vatican City when I get to travel to Rome. Happy April and have a lovely weekend sweetie!

  5. Yes. Even museums have more time. The pictures are great. And unforgettable.

  6. I have not been here, but always wanted to visit Vatican City, my sisters have and I have never been. I really adore these photos Sany! Have a wonderful weekend.Sassy Palate Ventures

  7. Your photos really capture the splendour of the Vatican. We were lucky to have an early morning private tour, it was great to avoid crowds!

  8. Wonderful post and beautiful pictures!
    You know, Im a big fan of historic architectures,I think that the history has left us so beautiful monuments,paintings, churchs, and so one..wonderful post!
    Wish you a fab wekend!
    P.Shave been in Rome when I was a little girl.

  9. Много красиви снимки! Аз не съм била в Рим все още, но много ми хареса да се пренеса там през твоята камера :)

  10. Hello Sany! Totally agree with you that when you're in Rome, you have to visit Vatican, it's really small, but totally worth-seeing country, but I have to admit that when I was there about 5 years ago, I didn't visit museum,what a pity, because I see that it's amazing! :) Anyway, good to know about booking ticket online, thanks for sharing, Sany! :)


  11. Your posts from Italy make me nostalgic... ;) Yes, I visited Vatican but it was also a quick visit because I came late, like one hour before closing. On the other hand, although there were a lot of people, everything moved pretty much fast. It was October so it's a better option, I guess. I would love to go back but I'm definitely not climbing to the top again. It made me terribly claustrophobic :/ Anyway, you took some great photos and I really enjoy remembering everything :)


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