5 nature photos to beat the cold weather blues | Да преборим зимната меланхолия

Whenever the weather is gloomy outside, I always seek inspiration that will keep me away from falling into the blues. I had the urge to share these photos, that were taken a couple of weeks ago at the countryside. 

Когато времето навън е мрачно и дъждовно, винаги търся някакъв вид вдъхновение, което да ме спасява в такива дни. Такъв е случаят днес с тези снимки, които бяха заснети няколко седмици назад, преди пролетта да се установи трайно из нашите ширини. 

Hope you like them! What do you do in days like this?

Надявам се да Ви харесват! А Вие как се справяте с такива дни? 

5 nature photos to beat the cold weather blues | Да преборим зимната меланхолия 5 nature photos to beat the cold weather blues | Да преборим зимната меланхолия Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 4/11/2016 Rating: 5


  1. I like your photos, the flowers look very beautiful! When the weather is gloomy outside I like to watch movies or cuddle with a nice book :)


  2. Love this! I enjoyed reading your post dear.

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  3. Love the photos! It's so great that winter is over - I have put away my warm clothes and I've scheduled a change of tyres :)

  4. I am in the spring spirit and these photos certainly brighten my mood. It's both a slight chill and mild weather so I am looking forward to sunnier days. <3

  5. Such gorgeous images of nature. I hear you on wanting to be inspired when it's gloomy. The weather in NYC has been so confused lately with temperatures feeling like either winter or spring that it has seemed to confuse all the flowers and trees as well. They bloom than stop. I can't wait for everything to bloom for real. Have a great week Sany!

  6. Oh, spring is so tricky. We all expect good days and sunshine and all of a sudden, it feels like winter again. Hopefully it will get better soon. The weather was crazy here, too, but this weekend was great. I'm sending you a bit of Mediterranean sunshine :)

  7. Love the blossoms!

    Happy Monday Doll! Kisses,

  8. You have a sharp eye for photography and it's always such a pleasure to see your photographs. When the days are cold outside, I like to stay indoor and binge watch YouTube videos. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. Hello Sany! Ahah, I know what u mean and I agree with u, I usually do the same, also I search old sea photos. Yours are truly outstanding, the first one, in particular, inspires me a lot. Have a good week ahead Sany, many kisses! xo

  10. Effective in beating the cold weather. Such beautiful photos. They're somehow relaxing to look at.

  11. Beautiful photos! Love those flowers!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  12. I love thes photos!
    How nature can be so beautiful!
    How wonderful is our world ...even it s sad that nowadays the world &nature are in danger.
    wish you a fab day !

  13. Hello Sany! Oh, I totally love your photos, especially the fact that the weather here, in Poland is rainy and actually, I haven't seen any sun since last week, so it's nice to see these blooming trees :) And personally when I'm feel blue, I like to-literally- stare at pink cherry trees, which are everywhere in my hometown, they look terrific, especially in this time of the year :)


  14. Very nice pictures .Prirodata wakes. It comes warm.

  15. Cherry blossoms can bring happiness and make anyone smile instantly. They have to be the best thing about spring.


  16. Много хубави снимки. Харесва ми как си отделила фокуса на различни пластове :)


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