Spring, bad sushi, and getting lost in the forest | Пролет, неуспех със суши и загубване в Рила

Nature in Sofia is finally coming into life and trees already started blossoming, so it definitely feels like spring is just around the corner. I am reacting to every single blossom tree I see in the town like a child. On March 8 I was pleasantly surprised by flowers and chocolates waiting for me on my desk at the office. This was a nice gesture and I hope that every single lady felt special that day, but I also think that women should be constantly reminded they are special, not only once a year.

Ето че и в София се запролетява и дръвчетата почнаха да цъфтят, така че пролетта определено се усеща много близо. Можете да си представите как реагирам, когато видя цъфнало дръвче, нали? По случай 8 март получих тези красиви цветя и силно се надявам всички дами да са се чувствали специални на този ден, но също съм на мнение, че този факт постоянно трябва да им се напомня, а не само един ден в годината. 

Lately, I've been sharing restaurant reviews more often than I used to. This is due to the fact that many places have opened in the past months, and since most of them are quite different and interesting, they all deserve attention. I'm sharing the restaurants I'd usually recommend, but that doesn't mean I am always happy with the food, or the service every time I eat out. Unfortunately, that was the case when M. and I ordered from Sushi & Mochi. We chose the Futomaki set, as well as the Sake Nigiri and Ebi Nigiri sets. The sushi was so-so, but the worst part was that there was soil in the food. It's possible that this is a one time case, but I'm most likely already lost as a client.

Напоследък по-често споделям ревюта на заведения, но това се дължи само и единствено на факта, че доста нови и интересни места отвориха врати и според мен заслужават внимание. Обикновено гледам да споделям информация за ресторанти, които бих препоръчала, но това със сигурност не означава, че съм доволна всеки път, когато се храня навън. За съжаление такъв беше първият ми опит със Sushi & Mochi. С М.  се спряхме на Футомаки сета, както и Саке Нигири и Еби Нигири сетовете. За жалост качеството и вкусът на храната бяха задоволителни, но най-неприятен беше пясъкът в нея. Възможно е да не се случва често, но дори само след една такава случайност вече ме загубиха като клиент. 

I went snowboarding on Saturday last weekend. Everything was great - the sun was shining and there weren't crowds of people. What disturbed me a bit was that I lost in the forest. After 2 hours and a half, I finally reached civilisation, and I was picked by car. Nothing dramatically has happened, I was just scared of bears and I was mad that I lost a lot of time.

По празниците карах сноуборд на езерата. Всичко беше чудесно - щедро слънце и малко хора. Това, което ми развали кефа, беше, че обърках пътя и се загубих в гората. След 2 часа и половина най-накрая излязох на главен път и бях взета с кола. Нищо толкова фатално не е станало, просто се страхувах да няма мечки (в Рила съм!!!) и бях адски ядосана за това, че си изгубих от времето за каране. 

Everyone can have a bad day, but what's important is that at the end of the day everything is ok, don't you think? What's new on your side?

На всеки се случва да има и такива дни. В крайна сметка е важно, че сме живи и здрави, нали? Разкажете ми някоя случка около Вас напоследък. 

Spring, bad sushi, and getting lost in the forest | Пролет, неуспех със суши и загубване в Рила Spring, bad sushi, and getting lost in the forest | Пролет, неуспех със суши и загубване в Рила Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 3/09/2016 Rating: 5


  1. Very nice bouquet. Congratulations.

  2. I love mochi. That was such a sweet gesture, and I'm glad that you felt special and those are beautiful flowers. I enjoyed the day as well. Fresh flowers always bring a smile to my face.
    Paris Street Style

  3. The flowers and chocolates are so sweet and pretty but I agree with you that women should always be reminded they are special. How nice that there are new restaurants for you to try. I look forward when new places open up by me as well. That's such a shame about the sushi but I think I would not return if I found soil in the food. I hope that the restaurant rectified the situation.

  4. Oh, poor thing :/ I would be so scared but luckily, everything's ok and now you have a new experience that many people don't have. I hope it doesn't happen again.
    I'm probably the only person who doesn't like sushi :p Unfortunately, there are some bad restaurants and I'm glad that you're honest. Maybe you just weren't lucky but I would definitely skip that place.
    The flowers and chocolates are such a cute detail and you're right when you say that women should be celebrated and respected every single day.
    I adore this first steps of spring and I'm still patiently waiting for the trees to bloom. This winter has been almost non existent around here and the trees lost the leaves only a couple of weeks ago. It's crazy!
    Hope you're having a great day, Sany :)

  5. Soil in the food? I wouldn't have food from this place again either... Great that you had fun snowboarding. I can't wait to go away again soon because I always need to be on the go. Have a good weekend.

  6. Wait. Do you actually have bears in the wild over there? Or are you being dramatic! I need to know because when I got to Europe I have a knack for getting lost in the wilderness too (my parents village is boarded by gorgeous forests and I like going into them!). I know there's snakes and rats but bears! Oh my! I'm terrified of running into one. I'd have no clue what to do. In regards to the sushi. Yuck. I wouldn't blame you for not going back. It was probably a one time thing and hardly intentional but still, something like that no doubt puts a dampener on things


    1. Yes, we have Bulgarian brown bears in the mountains. Well, I am also being a bit dramatic, but I was scared, no joke!

  7. Hello Sany! What about chocolates and flowers, I also think that it was nice gesture (I also got some sweets and tulip), but on the other hand, men should remember about us, women, not only on Wowen's Day. What's more, I'm huge fan of sushi, so sorry to hear that in your dish was soil! I think that it's unthinkable, because hygiene in making sushi is the most important thing. And I envy to you the spring, which finally has come to your city, in my city is still raining and it's cold. Hope you're having great day, my friend :)

  8. Аз много обичам суши, но за жалост не съм улучвала хубаво такова в България. Вярно е, че все по морето съм опитвала, но все нещо му липсва.
    Надявам се, че все пак си си изкарала чудесно, независимо от лекото разочарование с храната.

  9. There's nothing worse than disappointing food and I'm sorry to hear you had a bad sushi experience, that's a great shame as it's always such an amazing food to have (a favourite of mine)

    Hopefully you can make up for it by visiting an amazing sushi place soon!

    The chocolates and flowers look gorgeous however.

    Have a great weekend.

    Laura xo www.shehearts.net

  10. Did you see bears? Only the thought scares me too, I know they exists on our lands and I know also they are not curious to meet us and they withdraw, in case they are not hungry. It's good to be in the large group in wild areas.
    I wasn't in the mood to go out for walks, the weather doesn't help too much also and I look mesmerized on others pictures.
    No sushi fan here, I'm not curious even to taste, sorry for your bad experience.


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