5 reasons to be looking forward to March | В очакване на месец март

It's the mid of February, and as this year we are having an exceptional warm weather, winter definitely doesn't feel that unbearable as previous years. As the second month of the year is short, and by the time we realize it, March will be here, I'm going to share with you my reasons to be looking forward to it.

Средата на февруари е, но благодарение на сравнително топлото време, зимата почти не се усеща и докато го осъзнаем, вече ще е настъпил месецът на пролетта. В този пост ще споделя с Вас причините, заради които месец март е един от любимите ми.

1. Baba Marta - according to an ancient Bulgarian tradition, on March 1 Baba Marta, a mythical figure brings with her the end of the cold winter and the beginning of the spring. January and February are presented as fierce brothers, and Baba Marta is believed to be their grumpy sister with fickle mood, who could be really nice, but also unpredictably evil. Therefore it is believed that this is the reason for the unpredictable weather. On March 1, Bulgarians exchange, so called "Martenitsi" and wish each other, "Chestita Baba Marta!" (Happy Grandma Marta!). This custom is to wish health, good luck, and happiness to family and friends.

1. Баба Марта - традицията с мартениците винаги ми носи пролетно настроение. Баба Марта е митичен персонаж, с когото се бележи краят на мразовитата зима и началото на пролетта. Януари и февруари са двамата люти братя, докато Баба Марта е тяхната сърдита сестра със сприхав характер, защото както може да е мила, така може и да бъде непредвидимо зла. Затова се вярва, че именно той, характерът ѝ, е причината времето през март да е така променливо. А Вие купихте ли вече мартенички?

2. Getting warmer or getting the big snow - whichever it is in March, I am looking forward to it. Either warmer days, or fresh snow in the mountains would be much appreciated.

2. Затопля се или големият сняг ни изненадва - което и да е от двете, с нетърпение го очаквам. Нямам нищо против да е топличко, но и малко нов снежец по планините ще бъде високо оценен.

3. March is the month with the biggest national holidays and some interesting events
- starting from the celebration of the Liberation Day in Bulgaria (independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1878) on March 3;
- through a massive winter sport event - X Lines Vitosha, which will include freeride ski & snowboard contests, as well as snowkite, mini freestyle supported with good music for a great mood. The event will be held March 3 - 6. Of course not all events for the month are announced yet.

3. Март е месецът на най-големия национален празник и няколко интересни събития
- започвайки с празненствата около 3 март...
- през събитието X Lines Vitosha - ако са Ви интересни събитията, свързани със зимните спортове, от 3 до 6 март тази година можете да станете свидетели на фрирайд ски и сноуборд, както и сноукайт състезания на фона на готина музика за настроение. Разбира се, очакват се много други събития, които още не са обявени.

4. Spring arrival on March 21 - we are all looking forward to new beginnings. Spring is one of my favourite seasons, not only because I have my birthday at the end of March, but also because I love the fresh mood it brings with the nature coming into life.

4. Настъпването на пролетта на 21 март - всички очакваме с нетърпение 'новото начало'. Пролетта е един от любимите ми сезони, не само заради рождения ми ден в края на март, но също и заради свежестта, която носи със себе си събуждащата се природа.

5. Travelling - there are many people who will be travelling for a long weekend getaway in the days off due to the Liberation Day in Bulgaria. This is the final, and my favourite part of this post!

5. Пътешествия - не на последно място идва любимото ми занимание. Около 3 март предполагам доста хора ще са на път, включително и аз. Това е финалната и любимата ми част от този пост. 

So, these are my 5 reasons to be looking forward to March. Which are yours?

А Вие имате ли причина да чакате март с нетърпение?

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  1. Morning Sany! Oh, Im looking forward to March as well, you have good and lovely reasons to be happy of this March indeed and they are almost similar to mine. Just hope Spring wont be late to arrive since the warmer winter. Btw, the Baba Marta tradition i very cute, didnt know it. Happy Wed Sany, kisses! xo

  2. These are great reasons. I am not really looking forward to saying goodbye to winter yet x


  3. I just love this type of posts :) I'm definitely looking forward to March and now even more. Baba Marta sounds familiar to me :) It's not as typical as in Bulgaria (at least as far as I know) but when it snows in March, we in Serbia say that it's because of Baba Marta who brings the cold weather :)

  4. This certainly sounds like good reasons to be excited for March. The Baba Marta sounds very interesting. I will be most excited in April when everyone can enjoy eating outdoors, at least without as much cold in the daytime. x/Madison
    FASHION TALES // Eco-Chic

  5. Hey, great post! Love it!


  6. Oh! I haven't heard of the first 3 things you mentioned about Bulgaria! Thank you for sharing :)

    P.S: Join my pre-Spring giveaway and win a pair of sunglasses of your choice.

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  7. It's my birthday! that's a reason!haha
    Lovely post!!
    Dora www.bangsbang.com

  8. Interesting to read about Baba Marta. I am also looking forward to spring: warmer weather (hopefully) and longer days! Have a great week dear!

  9. I'm also looking forward to March especially since Spring will be arriving. It's one of my fave seasons as well and I'm just really over the cold weather right now and haven't even wanted to go out much because if it. I think the warmer weather will snap me out of that. It's exciting that you have many holidays in Bulgaria in the month of March. Baba Marta sounds like a really cool tradition :)

  10. I love this post, with lovely pictures and nice reasons to dream of March.
    My most important reaso for looking forward to the next month is that my 20 years son is going to participate to the Championnat of Thai Boxing -the final the 5 march 2016 in Paris.(Ivry sur Seine) and Im very proud of him,the second reason is that his brother who lives in Finland and is doing his military service(engagement) will maybe come over here in Tunisia for a couple of weekd.
    So yes, I can t wait for March!

  11. Hello dear friend! Ha, here is Poland we have something similar to Baba Marta - we call it "Marzanna" and when you're kid you do this lady in school from everything you want (it's something like a doll)and on 21st of March you're going to the river to sink it, Marzanna is sign of winter, which finally is ended. :) And what about your list, I love March, because on March I have a birthday, so every year it's very special month for me ;) Hope you had great day, Sany!

  12. I look forward to a warm March.

  13. Даа, обожавам го и аз този месец с всичките тези неща ,които си описала. 3 март за мен е най-големият български празник и за това ми е много присърце. Пожелавам ти един прекрасен март изпълнен с много усмивки и слънчеви дни!


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