Stepping into the Holidays

November was quite warm and sunny here in Bulgaria. Despite that, the Christmas spirit is slowly taking over. The shopping centers are already decorated, the Weihnachtsmarkts are about to begin, I already have а Christmas Avon catalog lying on my desk, Christmas events are getting more popular on Facebook, and people talk about the New Year's Eve more often. We are stepping into the holidays season, as we have many Bulgarian holidays in December. While it is too early for some people to think about this now, for others it's absolutely in time. One thing is definitely sure - Christmas holidays bring a special spirit on the streets, reflect in people's mood, and drive boredom away.

Ноемврийското слънце не попречи на коледната тематика да започне да ни залива отвсякъде. Моловете вече отдавна сложиха триметровите елхи; в градинката на Народния театър тече усилена подготовка за предстоящия ежегоден Weihnachtsmarkt; на бюрото ми лежи коледният каталог на Avon; ивентите за коледните пазари набират популярност във фейсбук, а темата за това кой къде ще празнува Нова година става все по-обсъждана. Навлизането ни в сезона на празниците вече е факт. Само след няколко седмици е Никулден, последван от студентския празник, Бъдни вечер, Коледа, Стефановден, новогодишната нощ. И докато за някои е твърде рано да мислят повече от месец предварително къде ще посрещнат 2016, други вече отдавна са дали капаро. Едно е сигурно обаче, празниците винаги носят онзи заряд със себе си, с който улиците сякаш оживяват, настроението е приповдигнато, а скуката е избутана някъде в ъгъла. 

Do you have many holidays in December in your country? Do you already have plans for them? Have a nice day!

А Вие развълнувани ли сте за идния декември? Имате ли вече план къде ще изкарате празниците? Хубава сряда!

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  1. Hello Sany! You see, we are in the same mood today! For me isnt too early at all, at the end of August I start the countdown lol! My year is easy: Xmas and Summer, that only counts!:P We havent many holidays in December, one on 8th and then straight to 23 when Xmas holiday properly begin. You look super stylish and lovely in ur outfit, well done! Hugs xo

  2. Yes the holiday spirit usually starts kicking in towards the end of November as Christmas decorations start going up around the city. I've even heard Christmas music being played in some shops already. To be honest, I like the festive decor but I don't really want to see any of it too early since it feels more commercialized than anything else. We have Thanksgiving coming up in the US next week but no other holidays in December. November has also been pretty warm in NYC and I'm really hoping this means a mild winter :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. Yes, Christmas is the next big thing... I'm already thinking about what to get for my family and I'm also looking forward to having a long weekend off and not wear anything but pyjamas :)

  4. Hello Sany! Here, in Poland we have similar situation to your country - on the atmosphere you could feel Christmas and slowly, everybody is talking about festive time and New Year's Eve. Personally I think that it might be a little early for all of these things, but on the other hand I've read recently that this trick makes that a lot of people spend more money than they need to on Christmas. Btw, you took great photos, Sany :) Take care of yourself, dear friend :)

  5. Although I love Christmas and I am nowhere close to being finished with decorations, I do love them. I don't want to hear Christmas music yet though until December, haha. My favourite is going to see the markets, so it will be fun this year, as we have some extensive travelling to do to visit family again soon. <3
    Holiday Style

  6. I know it's weird, but Christmas is something I don't look forward to. All the fuss and the commercial spirit taking place is something I desperately try to avoid ;))


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