Rakia Bar Raketa

'Rakia Bar Raketa' is a trendy restaurant in the city centre, located in ‘Zaimov’ Park. If you have never lived in the Communist Era, here you can feel the Russian influence in Bulgariа during these years. 'Rakia' is Bulgaria’s national drink, usually made from grapes, but also plums and other fruits. It has different variations from soft to stronger ones. You can taste all these flavours here, because, believe me, the Rakia menu is rich. You can also order home-made food, just like the one from the old days, when the food didn't contain GMO and 'vegan' sounded somehow exotic. There is a variety of 'old school' items, some of them I could easily recognise from my childhood. Yet the atmosphere is modern and the service is good.

Споменавала съм Ракия Бар Ракета в блога, но този път исках да дам повече светлина на местенцето. Разположено в парка Заимов, както може да се предположи, заведението е бар, в който ракиеното разнообразие е основен акцент. За любителите на бира има различни видове пиво, а внимание си печели и наливният Гларус. От кухнята има и "да", и "не". Бих препоръчала домашния суджук Ракета, но определено казвам "не" на пилешките крилца. Салатите са ок, а домашната торта с праскови е вълшебна. Не на последно място впечатление прави интериорът, който издържан в стила на соц-а, дава тема на размисли и дискусии за отминалото време. Ще припознаете прахосмукачката, с която на времето будехте съседите на първия етаж, както и много други олд скул вещи, събрани в модерния ракиен бар.

If you think you can handle more of the Communism spirit, then the bar right next to the 'Rakia Bar Raketa', called Sputnik, can offer you thrilling cocktails with Communist names. Have you ever been to a restaurant like 'Rakia Bar Raketa'? Are you interested in visiting such a place?

Ако случайно Ви дойде настроението за още соц, съседният Спутник бар винаги е опция, където можете да пиете коктейл в гюведже, "Соц on the beach", "Rakia Sunrise" и още куп други с интересни имена. А Вие ходили ли сте в Ракия Бар Ракета? С какви впечатления сте от мястото?

Rakia Bar Raketa Rakia Bar Raketa Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 11/11/2015 Rating: 5


  1. Looks like a lovely place, the food looks so yummy!


  2. I think I can get with the old school food. I bet it's so nice and comforting. The decor and atmosphere look pretty fun as well.

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  3. eeek rakia always makes me shiver! It has such a strong taste, think i'll prefer the cocktails next door :D xx

  4. The food looks yummy.


  5. Hi Sany! Yep, definitely I am very curious! And also to taste Rakia, is it similar to cider? It sounds very good btw as well as the food. Hope u are having a lovely day Sany, many kisses! xo

  6. It's nice to know that every place in the world doesn't yield completely to going "contemporary everything." This place looks homey, gritty, but inviting. A refreshing comfort I'm sure. Thanks for sharing, and giving us a glimpse of memories from childhood. /Madison

  7. I would love to visit such a restaurant. I can see that it has a lot of character. I'm fascinated with everything from the Cold War times!

  8. What a really beautiful post!


  9. Looks like a nice place,by the way the piece of cake looks so delicious!

  10. Гледах във фейсбук снимки, но не съм ходила нито в него, нито в Спутник. Изглежда яко!


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