The Little Things

If you are a food lover, and you pay attention to details, then "The Little Things" is your place. The excellent food and the cosy atmosphere make this restaurant a favourite spot of mine. I'd recommend the chicken tortilla and the spaghetti with chicken and cashew. Make sure to check their desserts as well. 

Всеки любител на хубавата храна и уютната атмосфера знае, че ще намери тези и още приятни изненади в "The Little Things". Мястото ме печели не само с вкусната кухня, но и с мъничките детайли, които му придават още по-голям чар. Препоръчвам тортила с пиле и спагети с пилешко и кашу. Десертите също заслужават внимание. 

Do you have a similar spot in your town? 

Знаехте ли за "The Little Things"? С какви впечатления сте от местенцето? 

The Little Things The Little Things Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 10/28/2015 Rating: 5


  1. Hi Sany! Nope but always look for a similar one! Sounds really great and definitely to visit, the food looks delish!:) Have a good day! xo (ps no is a make up, Im not able to paint or draw at all :))

  2. Ах... София :)
    Това местенце изглежда прекрасно. Ще се радвам да го посетя при следващата ми визита.

  3. Hi. Everything, every picture looks so good and peaceful. How I wish I am living there.

    Rahim Maarof

  4. This sounds like my kind of place. It looks really homey and cozy like you're inside someone's home and those are the types of places that one could just hang out at for hours. The chicken tortilla and spaghetti both look really delicious. We have some similar places in NYC but they seem to be disappearing.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Sounds like great place with delicious food, Sany, I love that bouquet from little chili peppers at the first photo (I think that I'm right, because I have few chili pepper plants in my home ;)). What about my favourite spot when it comes to food in my city I'd say that I don't have it, because I'm more often in Wroclaw, which is situated nearby my hometown, but in Wroclaw I have few places where you can eat great food :) Have a great evening, my friend! :)

  6. Thank you very much for sharing this awesome post! I like your blog and definitely will follow it to see new amazing content! And I like your style of writing!

    Diana Cloudlet

  7. Always a pleasure to vist your articles and watch these so beautiful pictures.
    Mmmmm..looks so delicious your meals!Chicken Tortilla and chicken with spaguetti and cheese!mmm

  8. I love places like these that have good food but an equally cozy interior. That tortilla is making me hungry and it's only 9:30am where I live!


  9. Really nice photos dear! The food looks great!


  10. This place looks very inviting indeed and I'd definitely love to go there, since I love food, haha. Reminds me of a place my sister used to take me to in Austria, such a small place but good food. <3 Enjoy the weekend. x

  11. Това местенце е точно като за мен :) Детайлите изглеждат страхотно!

  12. It looks very cosy indeed. Unfortunately I haven't seen anything similar where I live. The food looks really tasty!


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