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I've been following Pavlov's Lab on Instagram and Facebook for a very long time and I must say they always post some really beautiful photos of handcrafted cakes. Located in Nea Erythraia in Athens, the guys behind it are Bulgarians. The name was inspired by the Russian Nobel laureate scientist Ivan Pavlov. Alex, who is the owner, has the same surname and his idea is to experiment with different sweet tastes the same way Ivan Pavlov did his studies.

Следя Pavlov's Lab в Инстаграм и Фейсбук от доста време и държа да кажа, че снимките им на домашни торти винаги са много красиви. "Лабораторията" се намира в спокойното кварталче на Атина Неа Еритрея, а хората, които стоят зад нея, са българи. Името е вдъхновено от руския лауреат на Нобелова награда и учен Иван Павлов. Собственикът Алекс споделя същата фамилия и идеята му е да експериментира с различните вкусове при сладките неща, както Иван Павлов е правил своите експерименти.

If you visit Pavlov's Lab at this time of the year, you will find sweets and bakes with seasonal fruits. During the winter months they make jam and sweets with chestnuts, oranges, lemons and bananas. All products are natural and all of the delights are produced there. They also make handcrafted and boutique cakes for any occasion. 

Ако се озовете в Pavlov's Lab по това време на годината, ще откриете сладкиши със сезонни плодове. През зимните месеци правят сладки неща с орехи, портокали, лимони и банани. Стараят се да се придържат към натуралните продукти и нещата, които се правят там, са в домашен стил. Също така приготвят бутикови торти по поръчка за всякакви поводи.


What I found during my visit in Pavlov's Lab was éclair "Red Velvet" and quinaman that can be found only there, "Fraisie" with strawberries and vanilla cream (on the photo above), creme "Passion Fruit", chocolate mousse, cheesecake, apple pie with crumble cinnamon, cake "Fontan", Tartate with lemons... Is this enough?

Ето нещата, на които попаднах по време на посещението си в Pavlov's Lab: еклер Red Velvet и сладкиш quinaman, които могат да се открият в Атина единствено там, Fraisie с ягоди и ванилов крем (на снимката горе), крем Passion Fruit, шоколадов мус, чийзкейк, ябълков пай с канела, кейк Fontan, Tartate с лимони... Да продължавам ли?

The interior is minimalistic but like they say - less is more. There are some details that caught my eye and in my opinion make the place very stylish! 

Интериорът е скромен, но колкото по-малко неща, толкова по-добре. Направиха ми впечатление малките детайли, които според мен правят местенцето много стилно!


If you happen to be in Athens, do check this sweet laboratory and I am telling you - you won't regret! Also, please don't hesitate to support them on Instagram and Facebook! They sure deserve it!

Ако сте в Атина, не пропускайте възможността да посетите тази сладка лаборатория, защото Ви гарантирам - няма да съжалявате! Също така, нека ги подкрепим в Инстаграм и Фейсбук! Мисля, че си заслужава!

Pavlov's Lab:
Patriarchou Grigoriou E', 146 71
Néa Erithraía, Attiki, Greece

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  1. Ohhh everything in this post looks so yummy. If only I can find it here, i would really give them a try <3

    Join a new giveaway on my blog :)

    Have a great day!


  2. Hi Sany! I remember it from your recent snap on IG and I was very curious to see how it looks, now I wish to visit soon Athens and go there! I think I could be lost, lol, did you pick something to eat too then? Well done to the owner and best wishes for his amazing business and laboratory, for sure a true treasure! xo

  3. What a wonderful place, a real heaven on earth :)))


  4. This place looks like a must visit in Athens! I really like the environment and the cool minimal decor. The whisk door handles are just fantastic. Since I rarely indulge in sweets, choosing something to try would be a real treat. I don't think I've evr seen red velvet eclairs before. They look amazing!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Great post!

  6. Love this post - makes me want to go to Greece to try for myself!

  7. Would really like to check this place out, the sweets look so good haha :)


  8. This place looks totally different from ordinary places, where you can eat something sweet. It's modern and minimalistics and I really like history of Pavlov's Lab :) What's more these cakes looks so delicious!

  9. This place looks so delicious! Wish I could go to Athens this second

  10. It is worth visiting the laboratory. Everything looks delicious.

  11. Interesting! I love the concept of blending science and the art of food together. The sweets look delectable indeed. :)
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  12. Пленителни снимки, Сани! Всичко изглежда невероятно! :-)

  13. These sweets looks incredible, and should be so good!
    Great photos! :D

  14. Oh my. That strawberries and cream is just everything. Hashtag, GET INTO MY BELLY! And the eclair! And those delightful whisk doorhandles! This place is heavenly!


  15. Hope that you're having great Friday right now and have even better weekend, my dear Sany :)

  16. The place looks wonderful, must visit it at once!
    Love the name, so clever ;)

  17. i'm a sweet addict, so I would love that place. i love the beaters for door handles.

  18. Bookmarked! The selection looks so fabulous, so mouthwatering!

    I don't know what was wrong with my Bloglovin' feed. Your last posts appeared only now, all at once.


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