I Love this City

I often think that I am lucky to live in a place where there are so many things happening. Last night was the 5th edition of My Beat Live (see My Beat Live 4 and My Beat Live 3). Nice music at a good location, I always enjoy these parties. And yes, I feel awkward when I take out my DSLR to take photos, so I rarely carry my camera with me.

Често си мисля, че имам късмет да живея в град, в който се случват доста неща. Снощи се състoя петото от партитата My Beat Live (вижте снимки от My Beat Live 4  и My Beat Live 3). Приятна музика на интересно място, винаги ми е приятно на тези партита. И да, чувствам се странно да снимам с огромния си фотоапарат, затова рядко го нося с мен по такива места. 

Are you going somewhere tonight? If yes, where? I will be quiet, as tomorrow is an official working day in Bulgaria. Wishing you a happy weekend!

А Вие тази вечер ще излизате ли някъде? Ако да, къде? Аз ще пропусна, тъй като утре е работен ден. Пожелавам Ви весел уикенд! 

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  1. Ah Sany, Sofia must be really a beautiful city and I get why you are talking about it in this way. Wish I visited it soon! The party must have been very cool and fun! Im going to have pizza this night but nothing special as the there is a storm over here!:/ Have a wonderful weekend, kisses! xo

  2. WOW, such great photos !
    Love it !


  3. Being able to appreciate and take advantage of all that your city offers definitely makes the experience all the more special and amazing in my opinion and it seems like you would agree Stanislava :) Glad to hear you enjoyed a fun night out and heard some great music too. I feel the same way about taking my DSLR out with me but that's what camera phones are for right ^_~ Have a lovely weekend sweetie!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Cheerful weekend and you.

  5. Stunning pictures. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  6. Great views from this location! I also love to be in happening places, that's why I travel as much as I can. Happy Friday!

  7. Love that you go out an enjoy what you can :) I love to bring my camera where ever I go because you never know what you can capture! :) Lovely photos doll, as always.


  8. These are great night city shots! I love being in a city where things are happening --- enjoy it! <3
    Fringe Style

  9. Beautiful pictures!

  10. Great photos... cool night place!


  11. These photos are so amazing--totally worth any awkward feeling of pulling out a chunky camera at an event like this ;) I love how well you capture the mood and energy in all of these shots!

    <(') hoda | joojoo azad

  12. Great post. Love it. Thanks dear for visiting my blog. Keep in touch, pls. Kiss


  13. За пръв път чувам за това парти, изглежда много яко :)) Снимките са страхотни, заслужава си носенето на апарата :))

  14. Seeing your picture makes me love the city too, Sany. Do people stare a lot when you use DSLR? It seems to be quite the norm in Singapore. Probably for parties then a beautiful lady like you whipping out a DSLR would look strange to others. I haven't been using lots of camera these few months but more of my iPhone 6. It takes good-enough photos too.

    Happy Spring!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  15. looks like a great place with stunning view!

    <3 <3 Mahshid مهشید

  16. Wow, that club looks amazing and this view from the window is breathtaking! And that good to hear that you was so pleased with this evening, it had to be fantastic and I see that you enjoyed it a lot ;)


  17. Looks like a lot of fun! x


  18. Ах, от кога не съм ходила на подобни партита :) Страхотни снимки, Сани!

  19. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love these nighttime photos.


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