Hello March!

Yesterday I finally woke up relaxed and without hangover. As it was 1st of March, Baba Marta holiday (see more in this post), I had to go and buy some "martenitzas" for my family and friends. I went to the local market, where lots of people were there for the same reason.

Честита Баба Марта отново! Вчера най-накрая се събудих отпочинала и без махмурлук. Не бях подготвена с мартеници, затова трябваше да отида до пазара в квартала, където не бях единствената закъсняла. 

I bought the "martenitzi" and then went for a breakfast at BreadLand. A place I've wanted to recommend for a very long time. It's a bakery and I often buy plain croissants for breakfast, but there are also different types of bread, as well as croissants with chocolate.

След като взех мартеничките, се отправих към BreadLand. Място, което искам да препоръчам отдавна. Това е пекарна и често си купувам от там кроасан с масло за закуска, но също има различни видове хляб, както и кроасанчета с шоколад.

Then I met the girls downtown. We had coffee, then we headed for a stroll around the city center. We enjoy exploring Sofia and I am happy to have found my soul mates in this matter. 

След това се срещнах в центъра с момичетата. Пихме кафе, след което се отправихме на разходка. Радвам се, че намерих хора, с които споделяме една и съща страст - да преоткриваме София. 

Thanks to Magi for these photos

The "martenitzi" I received this year

My university

Now I am off to Rila mountain. I am going to learn snowboarding, you'll probably see this on my Instagram. Have a wonderful day! 

А сега се отправям към Рила. Ще се уча да карам сноуборд, най-вероятно ще видите в инстаграм. Пожелавам Ви хубав ден!

P.S.: There is some kind of problem with my blog on Bloglovin' at the moment. I asked them to change my URL, as I recently bought a new domain. When they finally did it (after a week), they lost ALL my followers. When I e-mailed them to inform them that I have 0 followers, they told me that "They don't see any followers attached to my old blog". So, if you buy a domain and want to change your URL there, have in mind that they are most likely to mess up something and you will probably have to deal with it... I regret to have asked them for this change...

П.С.: В момента има проблем с блога ми в Bloglovin'. Бях ги помолила да сменят адреса ми, тъй като наскоро си купих собствен домейн. След като най-накрая го направиха, ми загубиха всички последователи. Внимавайте с тях, очевидно системата им е сбъркана!

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  1. Breadland looks like my kind of place! So cool that you're going to be snowboarding! Enjoy! Bloglovin': I've just seen your 3-4 last posts all published next to each other. So it works again.

  2. Great photos! Always learning something new with your blog haha! Love it! http://ashaopryhirsi.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. Ciao Sany! What a lovely and sweet tradition, I didnt know of it! The martenitzi you got this year are very lovely!:) Btw, when I read of the bakery and saw the photos, I was watering, wish I went there too now! Sofia is such an outstanding city, for sure I will visit it one day soon. You were very beautiful and happy, I like the outfit, the kind Id like to wear it too for a stroll in downtown. Have fun in Rila, how cool, I never learnt how to snowboarding, u imagine a Sardinian who snowboard lol!:P Many kisses! xo (sorry for the BL trouble, the post was up normally today (but on Fri all in the row) and you are still on my list so dont know why they told u that.)

    1. Haha, Lilli, you are sweet! :)Thank you!

  4. Baba Marta sounds like such a happy holiday! It must be so nice to exchange martenitzi with your family and friends and I'm glad to hear you had such an enjoyable weekend. Have fun snowboarding in Rila! Sorry that Bloglovin is giving you problems. I had a a similar issue when I switched to a custom domain. They lost all my followers but they were able to restore it after I wrote to them. Your new post came up fine in my feed by the way.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Happy March doll!! xx
    Lovely photos, that food looks too good :)


  6. I don't know what's best! The baked items or flowers. Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Wow, these martenitzas look stunning, I've never seen anything similar to this before! Moreover I had no idea that there're some kind of problems with new domain and that sorry to hear that you "lost" all of your followers, but don't worry, you'll have many new (with me, of course, I've already followed you on bloglovin' :)) I wish you amazing time on mountains and remember to take a lot of photos :D Take care, dear friend!


  8. Ах, мартеници! Бели и червени, как са хубави само! А за снимките със сгради нямам думи, хубава перспектива имаш, Сани!

  9. So lovely and great post, as always! Hope you have an awesome day. :D

    Facebook / Bloglovin

  10. the bread shop looks like a winner! sorry about the blog followers issue...i think that's why i'm so hesitant to make changes. hope they get it sorted out?

  11. Аз мартеници отказвам да нося вече и прекъснах спазването на този обичай.
    Но пък виж... всички тези вкусотии от снимките ти, много ме привлякоха и направо огладнях, докато ги гледам :)

    1. Аз много си обичам обичая с мартениците. Всеки има право да избира де :) Благодаря ти, Лу!


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