Gus Gus Live Concert in Sofia

I'm going to hear one of the most interesting groups for me tomorrow - Gus Gus. Their music is quite different and the mix of techno, house and trip-hop gives them the original and unique tune they are popular with. The group is from Iceland and has 9 albums so far. The last one is called "Mexico". Here are some of my favourite tracks from their list:

Утре ще чуя на живо една от най-интересните групи за мен - Gus Gus. Музиката им е доста различна и миксът от техно, хаус и трип-хоп им придава оригиналното и различно звучене, с което са известни. Групата е от Исландия и има 9 албума досега. Последният е озаглавен "Mexico".  Ето и някои от любимите ми техни тракове:

Have you ever heard of Gus Gus? Do you like their music?

Чували ли сте за Gus Gus? Харесва ли Ви музиката им?

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  1. Hi Stanislava! Well to be honest I didnt know this group but have happily listen some of these tracks you shared and I like the sound and this kind of music too. How thrilling, Im sure you will enjoy the concert a lot and I know you will be also some pics to share with us!:) Many kisses! xo

  2. Very interesting. I like different and fun music, and this sounds good to me. :) Enjoy yourself!
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  4. You have a lovely blog
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  5. I like their music because it's melodic and fresh.

  6. I didn't know about them before, always great to discover new things. Hope you have the best time.

  7. I think that a friend of mine has mentioned them before. Enjoy the gig!

  8. Още малко остана :)

  9. I've not heard of them before so thanks for the introduction. I'm sure you will have enjoyed the concert!

  10. I haven't known this brand before, but I hope that you'll enjoy the concert :)

  11. Awwww, fabulous ^_^

    Many kisses,



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