Beer Market at Kanaal, Sofia, 2014

Happy Monday! I don't have much to show you from the weekend. Yesterday I went to a beer market at Kanaal. If you have missed it, there will be another one the upcoming Sunday. 

Честит понеделник! Нямам много за показване от уикенда. Вчера посетих бирпазара в Kanaal. Ако сте го пропуснали, ще има още един идната неделя.
I bought 2 Belgian beers:

От базара се сдобих с 2 белгийски бири:
Jessenhofke Pimpernelle (PMPRNL) - a blond triple beer that I liked a lot...

Jessenhofke Pimpernelle (PMPRNL) - светла трипъл бира, която много ми хареса...

The other one was Jessenhofke Light (LGHT). I haven't tried it yet.

Другата беше Jessenhofke Light (LGHT). Все още не съм я опитала.

M. bought De Landtsheer Novice Bleu - Belgian Ale. He said that it was strong and sweet. 

М. си взе De Landtsheer Novice Bleu - белгийска ейл бира. Каза, че е силна и сладка.

We bought  the beers and went for some lunch and something sweet. 

Грабнахме бирите и отидохме на обяд и десерт след това.

Christmas is almost here and I still haven't decorated the Christmas tree, shame on me! How was your weekend? Have you ever tried the beers above? 

Коледа почти вече е тук и аз все още не съм украсила елхата... А Вашият уикенд как мина? Пробвали ли сте някоя от споменатите бири горе? 

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  1. Happy Monday to you Stanislava! A beer market? Lol, why here there arent any! Id be curious to try the Belgian beers you got, inspire me a lot!:P And also that dessert, looks so good! Btw, oh you still havent decorated the tree?! Hurry up!:P Hugs and have a great week! xo

  2. These Belgian beers have to taste great, they look interesting :)

  3. It all looks very relaxing and fun. Great photos. I have tried some Belgian beers, but mostly drink German beers. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week! :) x
    Colour Me in: Designer Spotlight

  4. We don't drink, but they look so cute! The food looks really good though :)

  5. Very rich!!!
    Have a good week!!! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  6. Belgian beer I liked a lot. Successful week.

  7. I live next to Belgium but I have never heard of or seen these beers. The design on the bottles looks very modern, so I guess that they are more of a recent product? I do like beer once in a while. And once I start, I don't stop...

    1. I don't know. Belgian beers are rare in my country and I have never seen those before.

  8. The packaging for these Belgian beers look cool! I've never tried foreign beers before but I'm not much of a drinker. I can't believe that Christmas is just 10 days away now. We finally put our tree up last week. Have a lovely week Stanislava!

  9. Не съм голям почитател на бирата, но определено изглежна нещо ново и интересно, бих я опитала. Успях да посетя немският базар в събота, да пийна едно греяно вино, а в неделя украсих елхичката, като тази година заложих на естествено дръвче, което после мисля да си засадя. Твой ред е за украса и очаквам снимки :) Хубав ден, красавице!

  10. the food looks delicious and hmm those beers look interesting, would love to try one!

  11. i bet they were good! i love the design of them.

  12. Awwwwww, awesome post, my dear *_*

    Have a great day ahead,


  13. Those beers sound delicious! I've never tried any of them so I'm adding them to the list


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