Sunday Funday

Yesterday finally the sun came out after a whole week of clouds, low temperatures and depression...

Вчера слънцето най-накрая се показа след цяла седмица облаци, ниски температури и депресия...

A Sunday walk was a relaxing and energizing idea. The place we chose for the purpose was perfect for photos...

Неделната разходка беше отмаряща и зарещата идея. Мясото, което беше избрано за целта, беше перфектно за снимки...

After the walk it was time for late lunch. We wanted to go for something Italian...

След разходката беше време за късен обяд. Искахме да хапнем нещо италианско...

I opted for Genovese salad and I was satisfied with my choice...

Аз заложих на салата Дженовезе и бях доволна от избора си...

As well as with my favourite Chorizo tapas...

Както и от любимото ми Чоризо тапас...

The boyfriend made a classical pizza choice...

Приятелят направи класически избор - пица...

And we had to mark the good day with something sweet. How was you weekend?

И накрая трябваше да завършим хубавия ден с нещо сладко. А Вие как изкарахте уикенда?

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  1. Hi Stanislava! Seems you had a very lovely Sunday! What a place! It looks so peaceful and totally love the nature colors there. Yummy for the lunch, looks very appetizing, and you also are very beautiful and happy in that pic!:) Happy Monday, baci! xo

  2. I really love the first image, it's beautiful! It looks like a fun weekend that you had, and the pizza looks good too. :) Enjoy your week.x
    Autumn Layers

  3. Genovese salad looks great .Chudesni images from nature. Successful week.

  4. That first picture is so beautiful!

  5. Beautiful photos, and the food looks really good! :)

  6. A nature walk and delicious food sure sounds like my idea of a perfect way to spend a Sunday! The first pic is just hauntingly beautiful Stanislava!

  7. the first pic might be easily promoted to NatGeo!

  8. What a beautiful trail to walk! It looks so relaxing! I would love to walk there. That pizza looks so good!

  9. These photos are absolutely beautiful - gorgeous!!! :)

    Layla xx

  10. I love the first photo! And the food looks really delicious. A perfect Sunday if you ask me.

  11. The food looks amazing, I like how you ended with chocolate cake!! Hopefully the sun will be shining soon :))

  12. I'ts a lovely time of year and you have captured it so well in that first photo which is beautiful. This food looks so appetising especially the Genovese salad. As for the chocolate cake, well you know all about my sweet tooth! Yummy! Great food photos!

  13. Beautiful photos and yummy food! Was a great day, for me as for you too! :)

  14. What a lovely Sunday starting with a cool walk in the park and ending off with such delicious food. The piza got me literally craving for pizza and I love the chocolate cake too. The first picture of the forest looks so enchanting.

  15. След всяка разходка денят трябва да приключва с нещо сладко за поощрение )) Хубави са им десертите в Mr. Pizza, нали? :)

    1. Всъщност тортата от снимката беше от друго място, но скоро пробвах един от десертите в Mr. Pizza и много ми хареса. Благодаря за коментара, Евгения! :)


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