*RECIPE* Toasts with Avocado and Cream Cheese Spread

Hello! Weekend is here and I thought I could share with you one of my favourite recipes for breakfast. I don't spend much time preparing breakfast on a weekday, so I usually opt for muesli with milk as it is quick and easy to prepare. During the weekends though I prefer to break the rules and try something new. This is a recipe for healthy and delicious toasts with avocado spread.

Здравейте! Уикендът вече е тук и реших да споделя с Вас една от любимите ми рецепти за закуска. През седмицата нямам много време за приготвянето й, затова обикновено залагам на мюсли с прясно мляко, тъй като е лесно и бързо за приготвяне. Уикендите обаче предпочитам да разчупя малко и да изпробвам нещо ново. Тази рецепта е за здравословни и вкусни тостове с паста от авокадо.

You need: 
1 ripe avocado 
1 package of cream cheese spread 
2 peeled garlic bulbs 
3-4 spoons of yogurt (better Greek) 
3 slices of toasted multi-grain bread 

 Нужни са Ви: 
 1 узряло авокадо 
1 пакетче крема сирене 
2 обелени скилидки чесън 
3-4 супени лъжици кисело мляко 
3 филийки пълнозърнест хляб 

Preparation (~20-30min) Place the garlic in a small saucepan. Crush it with salt. Peel the avocado and remove the pit. Add it to the saucepan, smash it and stir it with the salt and garlic. Put the cream cheese in, puree it and mix it with the garlic, salt and avocado mix. The texture will be thick and you can leave it like that, but I prefer to add 3-4 spoons of Bulgarian sour yogurt. Stir. Finally, spread toast slices with the mixture and top with tomato.
Bonus: You can add some smashed walnuts.

Приготвяне (-20-30мин): Сложете чесъна в малък съд. Намачкайте го със сол. Обелете авокадото и махнете костилката. Сложете го в съда при останалите продукти и го мачкайте, докато не стане на пюре. Добавете крема сиренето, намачкайте го и го смесете с чесъна, солта и авокадото. Консистенцията ще е доста гъста и може да я оставите така, но лично аз предпочитам да сложа 3-4 лъжици кисело мляко. Разбъркайте. Накрая разнесете от сместа върху филийките и добавете домат.
Бонус: Можете да добавите малко счукани орехи.

Hope you like it! Happy weekend and bon appétit!

Надявам се, че Ви харесва! Весел уикенд и бон апети!

P.S. This is the first recipe on my blog. I am not into cooking at all, but I might start loving it, who knows ;)

П.С. Това е първата рецепта в блога. Въобще не си падам по готвенето, но може да започна да го обичам, кой знае ;) 

*RECIPE* Toasts with Avocado and Cream Cheese Spread *RECIPE* Toasts with Avocado and Cream Cheese Spread Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 11/28/2014 Rating: 5


  1. Ciao Stanislava! Oh yummy, Im watering right now!:) You know, I usually eat avocado plain, without including it in recipes but Im so wrong as your toasts looks delectable, not only for breakfast but also as a quick snack. You should post more recipes from now, I see you could be very good on it!:P Have a wonderful weekend, many kisses! xo

  2. This seems delicious!!! ;D

  3. I'm definitely a fan of savory breakfasts so this is right up my alley Stanislava! Plus I actually like everything you used. I usually just mash up some avocado and top with lemon juice and salt for my toast but your recipe looks to be so much tastier. I will definitely be trying this one soon. If your recipes are like this, I would love to see more. Happy weekend!

  4. Everything in the recipe exactly. Will apply it again. Cheerful weekend.

  5. Yummy, this looks so delicious. Beautufl pictures.

  6. Love the photos; it looks absolutely delicious! :)

  7. That looks absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing!! :)

  8. Oh wow. This looks so yummy and easy to make. It is already 9.20pm and I've yet to eat dinner coz the hubs has been gaming. I can't look at this any longer and would proceed on to read the rest of your posts which I've missed. Btw, have you changed your blog layout? It looks different from what I remember or have I not been here for a while?

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. I did change the layout a little bit about a month ago. Thanks for noticing, Jo! :)

  9. Dear Stanislava, this dish looks definitely scrumptious, great idea!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  10. Great and easy recipe to eat. It looks delicious. I do love avocado and eat it in the morning sometimes with a tomato and wheat bagel. But, I don't like cream cheese, so I use goat cheese.
    Weekend Style Files

  11. oh my goodness. that looks so good. i have to make it.

  12. This looks delicious! I have never thought about mixing avocado with cream cheese and yogurt. Sounds delicious though!

  13. Изглежда страхотно , като голям фен на авокадото задължително ще го пробвам :))

  14. Обичам рецептите с авокадо. Съвсем случайно паднах тук, но блогът ти много ми хареса и ето че вече съм ти фоловър :) Поздрави! Сезен. www.sezence.com


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