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I'm so glad November is almost over! Days are getting colder and shorter. The most depressive feeling is to wake up on a Sunday afternoon after a crazy night out and in 2 hours to be completely dark outside. Trees are already naked and streets are ugly now. My coat doesn't keep me warm anymore. I need to pull the warmest winter jacket out of my closet. I wanted to keep my hands off it till it got -10, but apparently I would've put my health at risk, so I better not do it. For the same reason, beer drinking is risky too. So, the question is: What's good about winter?

Толкова съм доволна, че ноември почти свърши! Дните стават все по-студени и все по-кратки. Най-депресиращото чувство е да се събудя в неделя по обяд след силна вечер и точно след 2 часа да е пълен мрак навън. Дърветата вече са голи и улиците сега са грозни. Палтото вече не ми топли. Трябва да вадя най-дебелото зимно яке, което имам, от гардероба си. Исках да не го пипам, докато не стане -10, но очевидно рискувам да се разболея, затова по-добре да не го правя. По същата причина е рисковано да пия бира. И така, въпросът е: Какво й е хубавото на зимата

1. Snow - it's one of the best things about winter (I am trying to start loving it); it surely makes the city more beautiful. / Снегът е най-вълнуващото нещо през зимата (опитвам се да го заобичам); със сигурност прави града по-красив. 

2. A cozy evening with friends and red wine... And talks, and drinking wine, and cooking (occasionally), and drinking wine... / Уютна вечер с приятели и червено вино... И разговори, и пиене на вино, и готвене (евентуално), и пиене на вино...

3. December - we have several holidays in my country in December. Each one is interesting, and I'm looking forward to it. Remember the posts for St. Nicholas Day (here) and Student's Day(here) from last year? / Декември - казвам го, само и единствено заради празниците. Всеки един ми е любим и го чакам с нетърпение. Помните ли постовете за Никулден (тук) и Студентския празник (тук) от миналата година?

4. Tangerines, oranges and all citrus fruits. Mmm! / Мандарини и портокали... И всички цитрусови плодове. Ммм! 

5. Winter essentials - lotions, lip balms, etc. In general - girly things. / Необходимите зимни придобивки - лосиони, балсами и под. Като цяло момичешките неща.

I don't know if that is enough, but I can't lie that there is something magical about winter. And what's better than knowing that holidays are coming? What are your reasons to love/ not hate/ hate winter?

Не знам дали успях да се убедя, но не мога да крия, че има нещо магическо в този сезон. И какво по-хубаво от това, че празниците наближават? Какви са Вашите причини да обичате/ не мразите/ мразите зимата?

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  1. Well, I think Id reply the same. Have not being a huge fan of winter but with years I learnt to appreciate it more, especially for holidays and that magic there is in the air. I dont drink beer anymore too lol, how sad! But a good glass of red wine is fine the same. Love oranges and tangerines too, you know here in my city never snow though love it and though there is the same cold!:) Happy Wed Stanislava, baci! xo

  2. I don't like so much winter too, but I definitely love to have the cance to change my wardrobe!^^
    And how forget Holidays, fireplace, and the white week!

  3. I don't like the winter!!! by live luck in southern Spain where the temperature is very nice ...
    Thank you so much for your comment!!! I added you by g+ now! I'm very happy if you do the same.
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  4. I think you have mentioned the main reasons for liking winter. I love the cosy nights in with scented candles (and mulled wine) and of course the Christmas celebrations with all the festive food and gifts. Snow is so pretty to look at but I really do hate having to drive on icy roads. No snow here though.

  5. I also do not like the winter - with its stiffness and duration. The only good are family holidays and the Christmas tree and - long break after month. Citrus fruits also love them .

  6. The dark days really do make winter feel more depressing but I do like your list about the good things about winter. I would agree that there is alot to look forward to in the month of December. I really can't hate winter because I'm a winter baby.

    Thanks for your kind words today! I'm also glad we found each other and I always appreciate you sharing your perspectives with me Stanislava.

  7. yeah it's getting dark way too early these days and it's freezing!! thanks for this post it brightened my afternoon :)

  8. hahaha what a great post! I actually think I get seasonal depression! like for real, my mood changes completely when the cold weather hits and it is hard for me to be cheerful! I always try though :) that is why I always like to save some vacation days for the cold days so I don't feel trapped at work and get to enjoy some of the day light! I agree with you though! I love how the snow looks in winter even though I hate driving to work in the snow! I guess something I ike about winter is fashion! big coats, boots and hats are always beautiful and I love layering! I hate when it is too cold than you can't avoid wearing layer over layer and look like a snowman haha anyways! I can't wait for it to be summer again haha thanks for this post!!! and thanks for all your good wishes on my trip to NYC, I had a blast :)


  9. Great post! I love winter! For me, here are the good things about it. Snow, fresh, crisp, cool air, Christmas, fireplace, nice cup of hot chocolate....:)

  10. What a lovely post! I love winter too! Something magical about the chill in the air :) xx
    June Wants It All

  11. How cool to have so many holidays in one month. I love cozy up to a fireplace and a good glass of wine. You so right there is so much good about winter.

  12. HaHaHa It definitely has its good and bad points. I hate the cold and how it gets dark so soon. But I do like reading books, sipping hot chocolate, the holidays and such.

  13. Definitely love the snow and the holidays, but I definitely miss the warmth though

    Made in Mauve

  14. All my life I've never been a fan of winter but this year I decided to embrace autumn and winter. A warm coat makes all the difference! And what keeps me motivated (to get up early and not to feel like going to bed when it gets dark at 5 pm) is to know that spring and summer are just around the corner.

  15. It is really interesting to read what you love about winter. As we don't experience the 4 seasons here, winter to me is such a fun season. I've experienced winter in NYC, London and Paris but it seldom snow in these cities. I've only experienced snow on one day in NYC and so I wished and dreamed I could experience it in a winter country one day. Wining and dining with friends and purely catching up is such a lovely thing to cozy to. I love the smell of fresh oranges. Lucky you to have so many holidays in Dec. We only have Christmas here. I'm glad that you've grown to appreciate the fine stuff of winter.

  16. My boyfriend is alway telling me how cold it is in Bulgaria, I just couldn't imagine it! Ps your photos are gorgeous! xx


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