Golden fall

Happy Monday all! Hope you had a good weekend! So, here's how mine looked like in photos. On Friday I met my friend A. who was in Sofia for 2 nights before going back to Bratislava. Also, I found a new place for macarons in the hood, yay!

Честит понеделник на всички! Надявам се уикендът Ви да е бил хубав! И така, ето и моя в снимки. В петък се срещнах с моя приятел А., който се отби в София за 2 дена преди да се прибере обратно към Братислава. Също така, намерих ново място в квартала, където продават макарони, йес!

Love reading this magazine about life in Sofia. I always find a great content and info about events and places in my city...

Обожавам списанието GoGuide. Винаги намирам интересни материали за събития и места в София...

I am really grateful that this autumn has been so colourful, warm and allowing us to spend the weekends out!

Изключително съм благодарна, че тази есен е толкова пъстра, топла и ни позволява да изкарваме уикендите си навън!

What do you say about my pink Nike Air-Max (they don't look like Air-Max but actually they are)? I got them from my sister and they are so funny! 

Какво мислите за розовите ми Nike Air-Max-ове (не приличат на Air-Max, но всъщност са)? От сестра ми са и са супер забавни!

How was your weekend? What have you been up to? Have a great start of the week!

А Вашият уикенд как беше? Какво правихте? Пожелавам Ви невероятен старт на новата седмица!

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  1. Um, hello. Both desserts featured are calling my name! Yum!

  2. Happy Monday to you Stanislava! Seems you had a very lovely weekend, those macarons are so inspiring and appetizing!:) Your city must be gorgeous, I know I repeat myself but Id love to visit it soon. The autumn leaves are dreamy, you caught them beautifully! And totally love ur sis' shoes, they are so on trend at the mo, you should steal them!:P Looking very lovely and stylish! Have a wonderful week! xo

    1. They are already mine :P Thank you, Lilli! xo

  3. Nice week to you. Autumn is really wonderful.

  4. Wonderful autumn leaves. I like how your weekend looks, seems to be sweet and cosy. :) Enjoy the rest of your week dear. /Madison xx
    Breakfast Tablescapes

  5. Your weekend certainly looks like it was wonderful and delicious! And those have to be the coolest Nike Air Max sneakers I've ever seen. It was cool you were able to borrow them from your sister. Pink shoes always make me smile :)

  6. I love your pink sneakers and coat! So cute! Yummy macarons and dessert!

  7. Great photos

    New post in

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! So cool that you found a new macaroon place! I wish I had one here! Love your fall photos, I adore fallen fall leaves! Your coat and sneakers are so sweet ad perfect for the cool weather!


  9. My weekend went by in a flash. Love your pics, actually I was thinking about getting similar Nikes when I was in Stockholm. And the cake! So yummy looking!


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