What's up, folks?

Aaand welcome to the weekend! Now scrow down, I have something very interesting to show you!

Нека единодушно приветстваме уикенда! А сега скролнете надолу, за да Ви покажа нещо много интересно! 
Last night I had the pleasure to enjoy a dance performance called "Fusion" which included 5 choerographers and 15 individual works. Each dance was unique and the style was various - from Cuban salsa to Bulgarian folk dances. It was really interesting! My good friend Ekaterina took part of the show and I was so proud of her! If you are wondering who I'm talking about - it's the outstanding girl with yellow skirt on the picture above.

Снощи имах удоволствието да се насладя на танцов спектакъл "Фюжън", включващ 5 хореографии и 15 авторски творби. Всеки един танц беше уникален, стиловете се сменяха постоянно - от кубинска салса до българско хоро, като по този начин интересът беше гарантиран. В спектакъла участваше близката ми приятелка Екатерина, за което много се вълнувах и на няколко пъти се надигна в мен нескромна гордост. Ако се чудите за кого говоря, вижте момичето с жълтата пола, което изпъква на снимката горе.
Every folk dance had its own story. I even had my favourite one.

Хората не се игрaeха просто така. Всяко едно разказваше история. Дори си имах любима.
Traditional Bulgarian folk costumes
It was an amazing experience! I want to say congratulations to everyone who took part of this special event. I wish good luck to Lira Dance performance formation as well! Have you ever seen such a performance? Enjoy the weekend!

Беше страхотно изживяване! Поздравления на всички, които взеха участие в това специално събитие. Също така пожелавам на танцов ансамбъл Лира Денс много успех в бъдеще! А Вие виждали ли сте такъв спектакъл някога? Хубав уикенд!
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  1. Hi Stanislava! Oh wow, must have been so gorgeous! You know, I love dancing and seeing this kind of folkloristic performance. Your friend looks great and she must be also very good on it! You look so lovely, the kind ouf outfit I like to wear as well!:) Enjoy the weekend you too, many kisses! xo

  2. Wow I love every kind of dance! And you look very pretty in the first picture!
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  3. What an amazing performance!!! I would've LOVED to seen it.

  4. what a lovely entry and Performance,
    so impressive

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  5. I love to attend dance performances like these and your post reminds me that it has been a long time since I last been to one. Wish I could have seen this one. The costumes are beautiful.

  6. Great post! Love your casual look!

  7. Hey, guys! I'm glad to read that you like the idea of our performances! If you want to see more from us, you could follow us on Facebook (Lira Dance, Bulgaria), https://www.facebook.com/LiraDanceBulgaria?focus_composer=true&ref_type=bookmark


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