The Happy Pig

Hello guys! Happy Monday! Last night my friend Kalin, Ralitsa and I went to the Happy Pig Food & Coctails gastropub. I had an iceberg salad with chickpeas, cucumbers, buffalo cheese and onion with lemon-dill vinaigrette. And a chocolate Mai Thai coctail. Kalin had a salad with rucola, lamb, dried fruits and seeds with pomegranate dressing (not captured). He also had a Bloody Marry coctail. Ralitsa had a Luchnik (don't know how to translate this in en). Anyway. The food was great! The coctails as well. Also, the staff was friendly and the place was cosy. It was great meeting an old friend in a really cool new place. Are you happy when you find a nice new place in your town? Have a great week everyone!

Здравейте и честит понеделник! Снощи с Калин и Ралица отидохме в Щастливото Прасе Food & Coctails. Аз си поръчах салата с айсберг, пукани люти чушки, нахут, краставица, биволско сирене, червен лук и винегрет с копър и лимон. И Шоколадов Май Тай. Калин пък заложи на салата с рукола, печено агнешко, сушени плодове, семки и дресинг с нар (няма го на снимките). Както и Блъди Мери. Ралица заложи на лучник с Каракачанско овче сирене и сушени боровинки и цедено кисело мляко. Храната беше чудесна! Коктейлите също! Освен това, персоналът беше усмихнат, а местенцето - уютно. Беше супер да се срещна с добър приятел на наистина готино ново място. Щастливи ли сте, когато се случи и на Вас? Хубава седмица на всички! 

The Happy Pig The Happy Pig Reviewed by Stanislava E. on 3/17/2014 Rating: 5


  1. Happy Monday to you Stanislava! Seems u had a lovely time with ur friend and that the place is very good. Im always happy when I discover new places in my city too, recently I noticed is becoming hard u know. You look beautiful in the pic, love ur hair!:) Have a great week ahead, kisses! xo

  2. This place looks amazing! Love how the drinks are served ^^


  3. lovely photos,seems like you guys had an amazing time!Thanks for your comment dear!

  4. I really like the food and the setting! I am curious to know what a chocolate cocktail tastes like... And yes, I love to discover new great places!

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  6. Beautiful photos!!!! The food looks delicious ;-)

  7. So pretty pics. ;-)
    Lovely greets Nessa

  8. That place looks great, all of those dishes look super yummy;) I'm always glad to find a good place about my city, it's priceless:) By the way I have never tried Bloody Mary cocktail, is it worth trying? What do you say?

    1. Well, not my favourite one but yes, it's interesting to try. If you like tomatoe juice in a combo with vodka and spices, then you should try it.

  9. It seems to be a very nice place! Wonderful pics! You're so beautiful…
    A big kiss from Italy!!!

  10. What a great place!! I love your pictures!

    Diana /
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  11. Thanks, for your lovely words on my blog. ;-)
    Keep in touch...

  12. Looks like such a great place! I think the food and drinks look so unique and delicious! I do love finding new places to try!


  13. This is so chic! I love it!

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  14. Amazing post

  15. Just catching up on your posts after my holiday. This looks a great place and I love Mai Tai cocktails but I've never tried a chocolate one - sounds interesting!


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