The weather was so good this weekend that I spent my whole time outdoors riding a bike, drinking beer and enjoying the warm sun. I love Sofia when it's sunny out there. Now it's time to get back to work and school but only for the next 2 days because right after that we'll be off on a vacation to Amsterdam! I have a birthday on Thursday and just like I did last year, I decided to spend my b-day at a new location! I'm really excited. Have you ever been to Amsterdam? If you have something in mind before I leave, please share it here! Thanks! Have a great new week everyone (guess you haven't heard something different from me lately)!

Времето беше толкова хубаво този уикенд, че прекарах цялото си време навън, карайки колело, разхлаждайки се с бира и наслаждавайки се на топлото слънце. Обожавам София, когато е слънчева. Сега е време да се върна към ежедневната рутина, но само за 2 дена, защото след точно толкова заминаваме за Амстердам! В четвъртък одъртявам и точно както направих миналата година, реших и тази да посрещна рождения си ден на ново място. Наистина се вълнувам, и как не? Бих искала да помоля, ако сте посещавали града и имате нещо на ум преди да замина, да го споделите с мен! Благодаря предварително! Желая успешна седмица (май напоследък не сте чували по-различно пожелание от мен)!

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  1. Hi Stanislava, these photos are really wonderful! Im glad spring is arrived from u, I can feel the sun from ur images! You did right to stay outdoor all the time, same here this weekend :) You look very lovely and as Ive already told u, Im in love with ur hair!:) Have a safe trip and enjoy Amsterdam, unfortunately I havent any tips to share since I never was there but I know u will have lots of fun since is a beautiful city! Also very happy BDay!! Kisses! xo

  2. aw...in case i miss it, happy birthday! i love the idea of spending it somewhere new! i've never been to amsterdam, but have seen wonderful pictures. ENJOY!!!

  3. Great to see your spring photos! Lucky you to be going to Amsterdam. I have been twice in the past two years. It's a fun place with lots of things to see, shopping, eating out. Hope that you will have excellent weather! Enjoy!

  4. oh my, I want to taste that apple cider:) It looks super tasty:) Lovely snapshots as well, the spring looks amazing over there:) Enjoy the sun!
    Have a fabulous time!

  5. Great post! I love these photos so much.

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  6. Fabulous photos and the sky looks so blue. Amsterdam is somewhere I would love to visit sometime. A beautiful and interesting city. Have fun!

  7. Stunning pictures sweetie!

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  8. What a great idea, celebrating your birthday at a different place each year. It's a great motivation to travel! I hope you take lots of pictures; I really like the scenery photos in this post.


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