Никулден [Nikulden]

"Nikulden" on the 6th of December is one of the most important church holidays in Bulgaria. It is devoted to Saint Nikolay who is the protector of sailors and fishermen. He was born in Patra and according to the legends helped a poor father to marry his 3 daughters by tossing him a couple of coins. His name comes from the Greek word "νίκη" which means victory.
It is a national holiday and it is celebrated by all bulgarian families. Fish dishes and especially carp is a traditional meal on "Nikulden".

It is a name day for everyone named Nikola, Nikolay, Kolyo, Nikolina, Neno, Nenka, Nikolina or Nina. Happy nameday to all who celebrate today!
The day is being celebrated in different coutries. In Slovakia it is called Mikuláš. So, do you celebrate this day in your country and how is it called?

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  1. We celebrate Saint Nicolas on 6 December. Not sure if there is a link to Nikulden but it kind of sounds like it. Hope you had a nice celebration. xo

  2. No, we don't have such holiday in my country as far as I know. But sounds as a great tradition, such a wonderful holiday! Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!


  3. We don't celebrate this day in the UK but I like to learn about traditions in other countries - interesting post!


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